FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Ohio Cup Matches Northern Ohio PGA vs Southern Ohio PGA

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2016 Ohio Cup Champions SOPGA

NOPGAForging a comeback in the Day 2 Singles Matches at Brookside Country Club in Canton, the Southern Ohio PGA team (pictured above) captured the Ohio Cup for the 8th time with a final point total of 16 ½ to 15 ½.

This Ryder Cup style event features the top sixteen players from the Northern and Southern Ohio.

Northern Ohio PGA Team

Charlie Wood -Captain
Tom Fussaro -Asst. Captain
Tony Adcock
Jamie Broce
Mark Evans
Nick Gustin
Jaysen Hansen
Cory Kumpf
Dennis Miller
Rob Moss
Casey Schrader
Mark Sierak
Tom Atchison (Senior)
Mitch Camp (Senior)
Gary Robison (Senior)
Andy Santor (Senior)
Gary Trivisonno (Senior)
Tom Waitrovich (Senior)

Southern Ohio PGA Team

Geoff Hansley -Co Captain
Brian Jones -Co Captain
Sam Arnold
David Bahr
Dan Gage
Andy Montgomery
Joseph Moore
Jeff Olson
Bob Sowards
Mike Thomas
Doug Wade
Wyatt Worthington II
Pat Delaney (Senior)
Paul Hobart (Senior)
Tim Krapfel (Senior)
Bob Stephens (Senior)
Dennis Wells (Senior)
Chris Black (Senior)

2016 Ohio Cup Players

20th Ohio Cup Matches

Northern Ohio PGA vs Southern Ohio PGA
Brookside Country Club, Canton, Ohio
Tuesday-Wednesday, October 4-5, 2016

Day 1, Round #1 – Fourball Matches

Arnold/Thomas def. Schrader/Kumpf, 4&2
Moss/Broce def. Sowards/Montgomery, 5&4
Bahr/Gage def. Hansen/Evans, 1 Up
Waitrovich/Robison def. Stephens/Black, 1 Up
Miller/Adcock def. Worthington II, 3&2
Atchison/Camp def. Hobart/Wells, 2&1
Olson/Wade def. Gustin/Sierak, 3&2
Krapfel/Delaney def. Trivisonno/Santor, 1 Up

Fourball Totals: NOPGA – 4 SOPGA 4


Day 1, Round #2 – Foursome Matches

Bahr/Gage def. Schrader/Kumpf, 5&4
Hansen/Evans vs. Sowards/Montgomery, Halved
Moss/Broce def. Arnold/Moore, 2&1
Robison/Waitrovich def. Wells/Delaney, 5&4
Adcock/Miller def. Worthington II/Thomas, 2&1
Camp/Atchison vs. Stephens/Black, Halved
Olson/Wade def. Gustin/Sierak, 4&2
Trivisonno/Santor vs. Krapfel/Hobart, Halved

Foursome Totals: NOPGA – 4 ½ SOPGA – 3 ½


Day 2, Round #3 – Single Matches

Krapfel def. Trivisonno, 6&5
Robison def. Wells, 1 up
Bahr def. Moss, 2&1
Arnold def. Miller, 4&2
Schrader def. Sowards, 3&2
Hobart def. Santor, 3&2
Hansen vs. Moore, Halved
Delaney def. Waitrovich, 4&3
Broce def. Thomas, 4&3
Gage def. Evans, 1 up
Worthington vs. Gustin, Halved
Adcock def. Olson, 5&4
Montgomery def. Sierak, 3&2
Stephens def. Atchison, 5&4
Camp def. Black, 1 Up
Kumpf def. Wade, 2 up

Single Totals: NOPGA – 7 SOPGA – 9


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