FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Chippewa Senior Championship

Chippewa Senior Championship
115 players get ready for the 2016 Chippewa Senior Championship played on September 14th in Doylestown.

Chippewa Golf Club Doylestown OhioRob Schustrich of Windham successfully defended his Chippewa Senior Championship on Wednesday, winning in a playoff.

Shustrich, Dean Cutlip and Bruno Chirumbolo (who played in the 60-69 age division!) all finished the day at even par 71 to tie for medalist honors on a challenging weather day.

Five holes after the start of shotgun play, an hour-and-a-half long rain drenched the golf course, which delayed the finish of the event. Because Chirumbolo had a previous commitment for the evening, he could not stay to participate in the playoff. So Cutlip and Schustrich headed to the tenth tee to decide the winner.

Both players made standard 5-pars on the 10th, although Schustrich nearly made his birdie putt from about 18 feet.

Rob Schustrich 2016 Chippewa Senior Championship
Rob Schustrich sends his birdie attempt on the first playoff hole toward the cup, stopping just on the edge.

After the tee shots at 11, Cutlip looked to have the advantage as Schustrich caught the edge of the heather grass that frames the left rough, forcing a mid-iron layup. But Cutlip didn’t take keep his advantage as he flared his second shot on the par-5 to the right, onto some hardpan.

Dean CutlipSchustrich hit his third shot 20 feet above and to the right of the cup. But Cutlip left his difficult bare-lie pitch short, then chipped his fourth to 8 feet (photo left).

Schustrich cozied his birdie putt down to a couple feet and marked. When Cutlip missed his mid-range par putt wide, Schustrich holed his short putt with authority to claim back-to-back championships.

Kevin Larizza and the staff at Chippewa are to be commended for getting the rain-soaked event completed, and doing so in a spectacular way. The golf course was in great shape even after the downpour, the filet dinner served after the round was unbelievably delicious, and the big field was treated to a great tournament operation — all for just $50 plus ten bucks for skins. Thanks Kevin…

Rob Schustrich and Kevin Larizza
Rob Schustrich holds his 2016 Chippewa Senior Championship trophy, presented by Kevin Larizza.

Chippewa Golf Club Doylestown OhioFINAL RESULTS:
2016 Chippewa Senior Championship

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio | Par 71
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Overall Results

Rob Schustrich 71* $300.00
Dean Cutlip 71 $200.00
Bruno Chirumbolo 71 $100.00
*won playoff

50-59 Age Division

Rob Schustrich 71 $100.00
Dean Cutlip 71 $75.00
Tim Davis 72 $50.00
Mark Thomas 74
Mark Ciccarello 74
Scott Heran 74
Tim Heavner 74
Chris Helaney 76 T1 Low Net
Doug Fleming 76
Ray McNiece 76
Randy Crider 77
Raul Mendoza 78
Al Freeman 78
Joe Nemeth 78 T1 Low Net
Fred Lindquist 80
Doug Hull 81
Russ Rybka 82
Steve Kimson 82
Frank Livak 82
Jeff Jenkins 82
J.D. Taylor 82
Mike Hamilton 83
John Guentner 83
Bill Baksa 84
William Harris 86
Don Coleman 86
Mitch Gainer 86
Kevin Larizza 87
Steve Skladany 87
Bruce Steiner Jr 88
Ron Rositani 90
Kevin Desavio 94
Kevin DeVaughn 98
Ted Pablo 98
Frank Bindreiter 99
JP Jones NC
Steve Beams NC
James Sherred NC
Bob Bradshaw NC
Bob Spino WD
Bill Crande WD
Kevin Breen WD

50-59 SKINS: $100 ea
Tim Davis Birdie Hole #4
Dean Cutlip Birdie Hole #15
Joe Nemeth Birdie Hole #16
Rob Schustrich Birdie Hole #17

60-69 Age Division

Bruno Chirumbolo 71 $100.00
Sam Spino 75 $62.50
Jeff Dean 75 $62.50
Jim Cea 76
Ron Skirpstas 78
Don Hanzel 79
Rick Smith 79
Bill Carlyon 79
Ken Krupa 80
Michael Mintz 82
Mike Yaich 82
Mark Knevel 82
Fred Martin 83
Steve Bedell 83
Mike Richetto 84
Joe Granata 84
Bill Richards 84
Matt Schwendiman 85
Mark Skladany 86
Tim Booth 86
Bob Cornelius 87
Dale Dicarlo 87
Jack Cox 87
Don Goodson 88
Tom Thompson 90
Rich Weiss 92
Mike Kuthan 92
Dan Konvolinka 93
Fred Weiss 98
George Ferguson 99
Scott Middleton 101 Low Net
Jerry Stephans 102
Bob Shebel 103
Jerry Dipolito 106
Tim Barrett NC
Mike Turner NC
George Langford NC
Jim Niskanen NC
Art Reedy WD

60-69 SKINS: $87 ea
Jeff Dean Birdie Hole #16
Jim Cea Birdie Hole #6
Ken Krupa Birdie Hole #14
Bruno Chirumbolo Birdie Hole #3

70+ Age Division

Adam Letz 76 $100.00
Joe Snoltis 83 $75.00
Paul DeVaughn 84 Low Net
Richard Southard 86
Bruce Steiner Sr 86
Chuck Ross 86
Jim Black 90
Jack Doll 91
Dan Gregor 95
Leroy Kline 107
Norm Mann 116
Pug Weber 123
Chuck Sungy NC
Dick Pieffer WD

70+ SKINS: $47 ea
Paul DeVaughn Birdie Hole #7
Adam Letz Par Hole #8
Jim Black Birdie Hole #10

Low Net Prizes: Foursome w/ Cart

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