FINAL RESULTS: 2014 ADGA Golf Galaxy 4-M Scramble

Mike Armour, Dave Trier, Allen Freeman, Ty Kovach
Dave Trier, Ty Kovach, Mike Armour
Dave Trier and Ty Kovach watch as Mike Armour putts at the 18th at Barberton Brookside in the ADGA Golf Galaxy 4-M.

It may have been the noisiest Akron District Golf Association event ever.

Mallette-Marr-SpinoThe stacked team of ADGA All-Stars Danny Marr, Bobby Spino, Dave Oates and Dr. Jeff Mallette (right) went out early in the Golf Galaxy 4-Man Scramble at Barberton Brookside Country Club and played to their high level of talent.

They turned at 9-under par and posted a final score of 17-under that looked to be unbeatable.

Until it got loud.

Riding Dave Trier‘s sizzling hot putter and some pin-point wedges from Mike Armour on the front side, they pushed teammates Ty Kovach and Allen Freeman through the turn with a lead-matching score of 9-under par.

After a solid eagle at the par-5 10th and expected birdie at 11, it turned into bomb and scream.

First, Freeman made a 50-foot putt that broke 20 feet from the back to the front of the 12th green that started the whooping and put the team one ahead of the ADGA All-Stars.

Mike Armour, Dave Trier, Allen Freeman, Ty KovachThen putting in the anchor position, Kovach made a 35-foot bomb on the 15th hole that kept the noise level up and the one shot lead intact.

But then some real craziness: after a smash of a drive by Kovach on the 16th hole, he holed a swooping pitch from 39 yards in the left rough that led to more jumping around and hollering, earning the team a skin and pushing them ahead by two.

Freeman made a birdie on his own ball at the tough par-3 17th hole, then the team closed out the 18th with a finishing birdie for a 10-under par back nine and a head-spinning 19-under par 53, a record 4-man score for the ADGA at Barberton Brookside.

In the Senior Division, there was a bit more decorum amongst the two teams that finished in a first place tie.

Two players who always seem to hang near the top of an ADGA Senior leaderboard, Larry Lahnan and Fred Miller joined with Tom Laubacher and Brian Huntley. Together they shot a score of 16-under par to put them into a tie with Team Dean: Jeff Dean, Bruce Dean, John Paul Jones and Jay Hotchkiss.

Those two teams were two shots clear of the next best Senior finishers.

Golf GalaxyPhoto gallery here.

Special thanks to ADGA Tournament Director Dave Chapple who did a full day of yeoman’s work running the event in Tim Davis’ absence. Chap, you are the man!

The next event on the ADGA schedule is the ADGA Budweiser Pro-4 Am at Windmill Lakes Golf Club in Ravenna on Friday, June 20th. More details to follow on the format of that event.


FINAL RESULTS: Akron District Golf Association
2014 Golf Galaxy 4-Man Scramble

Barberton Brookside Country Club, Norton OH
Saturday, May 24, 2014
Par 72



1 Al Feeman
Ty Kovach
Mike Armour
David Trier
28 25 53 $1,200 $400
2 Bob Spino
Dan Marr
Dr. Jeff Mallette
David Oates
28 27 55 $800 $240
T3 Aaron Crewse
Steve Feist
Rich Lowry
Steve Fricker
28 29 57 $650 $80
T3 Dean Cutlip
Jeff Stormer
Ray Barry
Brett Walchalk
30 27 57 $650 $80
4 Troy Schonover
Kevin Carlin
Ian Bailey
Andrew Bailey
29 29 58 $500  
T5 Chris Plute
John Kovalyn
Bruce Bailey
Adam Stinogle
31 28 59    
T5 Charlie Schrader
Todd Wachter
Todd Huff
Sean Bowers
30 29 59    
T5 Howard Clendenin
Joe Topeka
Steve Blackburn
David Sotka
31 28 59    
T5 Brandon Shannon
Nick Colangelo
Nick Paxos
Eric Bowman
30 29 59    
T5 Mike Simpson
Jim Krivanek
Brian Smith
Ryan Stefanski
30 29 59    
T10 John Karamas
Shaun Kloetzer
Mike Plouse
Josh Brown
30 30 60    
T10 Sam Wade
Anthony Rizsaliti
Dennis Finneran
30 30 60    
T10 Quinn Parker
Ryan Gaughan
Josh Frase
Steve Guerrieri
31 29 60    
T13 Ben Roberts
Joe Sutter
Kory Hull
Chris Slates
31 30 61    
T13 Shyane Bishop
Kenny Koprivec
John Kabasky
Nate Petry
30 31 61    
T15 Aaron Ivory
Shane Christy
Brian Haan
Tyler Fennel
33 30 63    
T15 Mike Lenartowicz
Aaron Lenartowicz
Chuck Moore
Dustin Alcorn
30 33 63    
T15 Eric Voight
Don Padgett III
Patrick Barrett
Adam Thomarios
28 35 63    
T15 Danta D’Andrea
Doug Flenning
Kevan Sloan
Brad Rozok
30 33 63    
T19 Steve Testa
Kevin Hogan
Dustin Zimmerman
Eric Hahr
T19 Norm Pond
Tony Mayle
Travis Elliott
Dan Bolton
  CHAMPIONSHIP SKINS: $400 ea          
  Dean Cutlip
Jeff Stormer
Ray Barry
Brett Walchalk
  Eagle (2) #11          
  Al Feeman
Ty Kovach
Mike Armour
David Trier
Eagle (2) #16          
T1 Jeff Dean
Bruce Dean
John Paul Jones
Jay Hotchkiss
28 28 56 $1,000 $165
T1 Fred Miller
Larry Lahnan
Brian Huntley
Tom Laubacher
29 27 56 $1,000 $165
T3 Jim Cea
Ron Bell
Dave Cutlip
Ed Marsinek
29 29 58 $240 $34
T3 Fred Martin
Joe Hedrick
Jim Tarter
Tom Stack
29 29 58 $240 $34
T3 Mark Thomas
Doug Rockich
Tom Seever
Mark Borlin
30 28 58 $240 $34
6 Joel Recht
Randy Skorman
Tom Thompson
Tom Luck
30 29 59    
T7 Tom Baugh
Rob Yanko
John Bader
Mike Demeter
29 33 62    
T7 Paul LaGrotteria
Scott Saari
Jeff Sears
Art Gula
33 29 62    
9 Tom Skidmore
Bill Downing
Sam Spino Jr
Nick Lambos
31 32 63    
10 Steve Wilson
Mike Hamilton
Raul Mendoza
Larry Zimmerman
32 32 64    
11 John Kern
Dave Woodrum
Terry Szwast
Jim Lawson
33 32 65    
SENIOR SKINS: $143 ea          
John Kern
Dave Woodrum
Terry Szwast
Jim Lawson
Birdie (2) # 17          
Steve Wilson
Mike Hamilton
Raul Mendoza
Larry Zimmerman
Birdie (2) # 9          
Tom Baugh
Rob Yanko
John Bader
Mike Demeter
  Eagle(3) #1          
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