FINAL RESULTS: 2014 ADGA Bud Light 3-Man Shamble

2014 ADGA Shamble

House of LaRoseYes it’s a bit of a funky format. But the two teams who have been shooting great scores all season long still rose to the top, winning their divisions by multiple shots regardless.

DSCN3009The Akron District Golf Association’s Bud Light 3-Man Shamble has all three players tee off on each hole, and the best shot of the three is selected. From there, each of the three team members plays his own ball in and the two best scores of the three count as the team score.

In the Championship Division, the team of Tim Morrow, Griffin Todd (pictured right) and Jerry Ferrell put together a score of 14-under par 128 to win by two shots over Aaron Crewse, Tyler Maranville and Bob Henighan.

2014 ADGA ShambleIn the Senior Division, ADGA Director Tim Davis paired with wily veterans Ron Bell and Jim Cea (pictured weighing their options at left) to win by three shots with a 12-under par 130.

Complete results below.

The next event on the 2014 ADGA schedule is the Dave Towell Cadillac Shoot-Out at Raymond C. Firestone Golf Course on Sunday, August 17th. An 18-hole individual skins game open to all will start the day, followed by an elimination-style shoot out of all winners of ADGA events in 2014. Players may register here.



Akron District Golf Association
2014 Bud Light 3-Man Shamble

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio
Saturday, July 26, 2014


1 Tim Morrow -14 128 $750.00 $250.00
  Griffin Todd        
  Jerry Ferrell        
2 Aaron Crewse -12 130 $525.00 $150.00
  Tyler Maranville        
  Bob Henighan        
T3 Shaun Kloetzer -11 131 $390.00 $50.00
  John Karamas        
  Josh Brown        
T3 Howard Clendenin -11 131 $390.00 $50.00
  John Topeka        
  Steve Blackburn Jr        
5 Chris Plute -10 132    
  Bruce Bailey        
  Adam Stinogle        
6 Jeff Mallette -8 134    
  Bob Spino        
  Dan Marr        
T7 Mike Armour -6 136    
  David Trier        
  Ty Kovach        
T7 Brandon Shannon -6 136    
  Eric Bowman        
  Scott Westphal        
9 David Griffith -3 139    
  Don Padgett III        
  Adam Thomarios        
10 Eric Vaught Evan 142    
  Shayne Bishop        
  Kory Hull        
11 Dante D”Andrea 3 145    
  Jason Zachardy        
  Doug Fleming        
12 Steve Fricker 7 149    
  Rich Lowery        
  Pat Ziga        
13 Steve Testa 10 152    
  Kevin Hogan        
  Dustin Zimmerman        
14 Randy Skorman WD WD    
  Kevan Sloan        
  Raul Mandoza        
  Skins: $55 ea        
#1 Plute,Bailey, Stinogle        
#2-9-13 Morrow, Todd, Farrell        
#3 Armour, Trier, Kovach        
#11 Mallette,Marr,Spino        
#12 Fricker,Lowry,Ziga        
#14 Griffith,Padgett,Thomarios        
#18 Kloetzer,Karamas,Brown        
1 Tim Davis -12 130    
  Ron Bell     $ 750.00 $ 200.00
  Jim Cea        
2 Norton Brick -9 133 $ 525.00 $ 120.00
  Mark Borlin        
  Mark Thomas        
T3 Thomas Skidmore -8 134 $ 225.00 $ 40.00
  Bill Downing        
  Tom Baugh        
T3 J.P. Jones -8 134 $ 225.00 $ 40.00
  Bruce Dean        
  Jeff Dean        
T5 Fred Miller -5 137    
  Larry Lahnan        
  Brain Huntley        
T5 Sam Spino Jr -5 137    
  Rick Bryson        
  Rick Merrow        
7 Joe Hedrick -3 139    
  Jim Tarter        
  Terry Szwast        
8 Fred Martin -2 140    
  Tom Stack        
  Doug Hull        
9 Jim Niskanen Evan 142    
  Tom Thompson        
  Joel Recht        
10 Greg Navis 6 148    
  Hans Miester        
  Rick Moncol        
  Senior Skins: $44 ea        
#2-18 Brick,Borlin, Thomas        
#3-11 Skidmore,Downing,Baugh        
#6 Jones, Dean, Dean        
#7 Miller,Lahnan,Huntley        
#8 Davis,Cea,Bell        
#16-14 Hedrick, Tarter,Szwast        
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