FINAL RESULTS: 2013 ADGA Golf Galaxy 4-M Scramble

Making putts is how you win scrambles
Making putts is how you win scrambles. And the greens were perfect at Barberton Brookside…
ADGAWinning a 4-man scramble by a shot is pretty common.

Win by two, and it’s a solid victory.

Win by four and you’re just putting a beating on the other teams, running up the score, and laughing your way to the bank.

Mike Lower & Tim MorrowOn a day that was cool and windy, with hole locations that were as tough as they possibly could be while still being fair, and on Barberton Brookside golf course in utterly perfect condition (great greens, Mr. Flogge!), the team of Mike Lower, Tim Morrow (shown left), Jake Fait and Tuscano posted an incredible score of 15-under par 57 to win by FOUR SHOTS over two teams that finished with what seemed to be a great score of 11-under par.

The Boardman-based winners also nabbed one of two skins made on the day with a birdie on the 203-yard par-3 17th (it was impossible to get a tee shot close to that right-side hole location) to thoroughly beat up on the field of 20 4-man teams in the main division.

Finishing in tie for second were the “Twin Lakes” team of Plute, Bailey, Mikita and Sampson, along with the foursome of DiFrancesco, Schrader, Tarter and Light.

Thomas, Seever, Rockich and Skorman
In the Senior Division, two teams displayed some real scoring talent, tying for the top spot at a strong 13-under par 59, two clear of the next best.

The veteran team of Mark Thomas, Randy Skorman, Doug Rockich and Tom Seever (photo above) posted 59 first and their score seemed untouchable. But they were caught by a back-nine charge from Jim Cea, Ron Bell, Larry Lahnan and Fred Miller (photo below), who shot a sizzling 28 on a truly difficult stretch of into-the-wind holes.
Bell, Miller and Cea
Golf GalaxyGift certificates for the winning teams listed below will be available at sponsor Golf Galaxy stores after June 1st.

The next event offering ADGA Golfer of the Year points is the 2-Man Scramble at The Fairways at Twin Lakes on Sunday, June 2nd. The next ADGA event is the 36-hole Lanning’s Stroke Play Tournament on June 22-23 at Seven Hills and Rosemont.


2013 Golf Galaxy 4-Man Scramble

Barberton Brookside Country Club
Saturday, May 25, 2013 | Par 72

1stMorrow, T. Lower, M. Fait, J. Tuscano, F.57$1,200.00$340.00
T2DiFrancesco, T. Schrader, C. Tarter, N. Light, T.61$700.00$170.00
T2Plute, C. Bailey, B. Mikita, R. Sampson, M.61$700.00$170.00
T4Armour, M. Marr, D. Trier, D. Chadima, J.62$225.00
T4Barry, R. Cutlip, D. Cutlip, D. Marsinek, E.62$225.00
T4Freeman, A. Thompson, D. Schustrich, R. Okeson, C.62$225.00
T4Smith, B.Metzendorf, D. Parker, Q.Simpson, M.62$225.00
T8Bishop, S.Koprivec, K. Vought, E.Schonover, T.63
T8Hinkle, T.Linn, J.Titus Partner63
T8Lenartowicz, M. Grady, M. Harbert, B. Moore, C.63
T8Marshall, D. Trenta, P. Salem, G. Campbell, P.63
T8Miller, R. Moore, T. Dudash, G. Osborne, P.63
T8Shannon, B. Bowman, E. Miller, J. Demchak, C.63
T14Crewse, A. Covert, J. Gainer, J. Hull, C.64
T14Petry, N. Mazur, T. Silverman, A. Kabasky, J.64
T14Seese, R. Taylor Jendre Jendre64
T17D’Andrea, D. Zachardy, J. Sloan, K. Flemming, D.66
T17Vincelette, B. /Kloetzer, M. Kloetzer, S. Herbert, L.66
19Guthrie, B. Fraser, W. Reynolds, M. Long, J.68
20Vellios, Y. Wade, S. Vellios, J. Vanryzin, Z.69

SKINS: $380 ea
Morrow, T. Lower, M. Fait, J. Tuscano, F.: (Birdie 2) #17
Miller, R. Moore, T. Dudash, G. Osborne, P.: (Eagle 2) #3



T1Cea, J. Bell, R. Lahnan, L. Miller, F.59$1,000.00$210.00
Skorman, R. Rockich, D. Thomas, M. Seever, T.59$1,000.00$210.00
3Dean, J. Hotchkiss, J. Jones, J. Niskanen, J.61$600.00$100.00
T4Davis, T. Larizza, K. Chapple, D. Spino, S.62$250.00
Ziga, P. Hart, M. Kouri, E. Yauger62$250.00
T6Recht, J. /Mendoza, R. Thompson, T. Esposito, J.63
Skidmore, T. Downing, B. Edwards, T. Eichler, B.63
Tarter, J. Hedrick, J. Martin, F. Stack, T.63
9Baugh, T. Yanko, R. Bader, J. Demeter, M.64
T10Jenkins, J. Richards, B. Guenther, J. /Stonkus, J.65
Wilson, S. Markham, T. Hamilton, M. Sattler, D.65
12Szwast, T. Lawson, J. Woodrum, D. Kern, J.66
13Merrow, R. Stemple, B. Bryson, R. Horner, L.WD

Wilson, S. Markham T. Hamilton, M. Sattler, D. (Birdie 2) Hole #9
Dean, J. Hotchkiss, J. Jones, J. Niskanen, J. () Hole #


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