FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Ungvary Memorial Jumble

Rich Schembechler 2012 Ungvary Memorial
Richie Schembechler prepares to unleash his first tee shot at the Ungvary on Saturday

Someone call Obama: there was too big of a wealth gap at the Ungvary on Saturday.

Three teams took the bulk of the day’s loot, leaving far too much ‘income inequality’ for the rest of the field. Perhaps it’s time to implement a birdie/eagle tax, redistributed to teams who finish over par. ;)

It was a perfect day for golf, and another big field took part in the Ungvary Memorial 2-Man Jumble. The event is played in remembrance of Akron golf legend Joe Ungvary Sr. and features a mixed format: six holes of scramble, six holes of better ball and six holes of alternate shot, with prizes and pin shots for each plus the overall.

The event features one of the top prize amounts for the year as well, and usually the nature of the four formats spreads the wealth around to a large number of teams. But this year, the vast majority of those amounts went to just three teams.

The twosome of Nick Lambos and Richie Schembechler tied with Dave Oates and Mike Simpson for first place in the overall competition with a solid 7-under par score of 64.

But it was Lambos and Shembechler who ended up with the day’s biggest haul, thanks to a hole-out and a great birdie.

Lambos and Schembechler got their day rolling with a huge drive (see the Schembechler photo above) and a 50-yard flip-in wedge for eagle at the first hole, obviously good for a skin. The pair also birdied the tough 204-yard par-3 ninth hole for another skin in the better ball format — a skin that was the only one made in that six hole segment and worth $450 by itself.

The top two teams tied for first place in both the Better Ball and Alternate Shot formats as well, adding to their big shares.

Figuring in all of the results from the sixes, the overall pot and the skins amounts, Lambos and Schembechler nabbed a whopping $1,660 team total.

Oates and Simpson took home just slightly less at $1,325 as a team, bolstered by their three first-place ties and a skin at the 18th.

And Sam Spino and Mark Thomas played well throughout the day for a nice payday, too: a first- and two third-place finishes in the sixes good for a solo third place spot overall at 6-under par, just one shot behind the winners. That team hauled away $900.

Other teams who made a mark include fourth place finishers Norton Brick and Brian Smith who collected $775, and Frank Livak and Derek Duda who earned back-to-back skins with a birdie on the par-3 fourth and an eagle-3 on the par-5 fifth.

Special thanks to Dave Chapple and Tim Davis for all of the hard work they put into the event, and Joe Ungvary Jr. for acting as tournament host for the day.


Good Park Golf CourseFINAL RESULTS:
2012 Joe Ungvary Memorial Jumble

Good Park Golf Course, Akron, Ohio
Saturday, June 16, 2012

T1Dave Oates / Mike Simpson$450.0064 (-7)
T1Nick Lambos / Rich Schembechler$450.0064 (-7)
3Sam Spino / Mark Thomas$350.0065 (-6)
4Norton Brick / Brian Smith$300.0067 (-4)
5Jim Cea / Ron Bell$250.0068 (-3)
T6Bobby Spino / Dan Marr$150.0069 (-2)
T6Rick Bryson / Rick Merrow$150.0069 (-2)
T1Spino, S. /Thomas$200.0021(-3)
T1Crewse/ Gainer$200.0021(-3)
T1Brick/ Smith$200.0021(-3)
T1DiFransesco/ Schrader$200.0021(-3)
T1Cea/ Bell$200.0021(-3)
#1Lambos/Schembechler$110.00Eagle 2
#2DiFransisco/Schrader$110.00Eagle 3
#4Duda/Livak$110.00Birdie 2
#5Duda/Livak$110.00Eagle 3
T1Oates/Simpson$350.0020 (-3)
T1Lambos /Schembechler$350.0020 (-3)
T3Spino, S. / Thomas$ 50.0022 (-1)
T3Failor/Sweat$ 50.0022 (-1)
T3Essik/Woody$ 50.0022 (-1)
T3Crewse/Gainer$ 50.0022 (-1)
T3Fricker/Lowry$ 50.0022 (-1)
T3Cea/Bell$ 50.0022 (-1)
#9Lambos/Schembechler$450.00Birdie 2
T1Spino, S./Thomas$300.0022 (-2)
T1Oates/Simpson$300.0022 (-2)
T1Lambos/Schembechler$300.0022 (-2)
T4Brick/Smith$ 50.0023 (-1)
T4Marr/Spino, B.$ 50.0023 (-1)
#17Brick/Smith$225.00Birdie 3
#18Oates/Simpson$225.00Birdie 3


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