Crewse Makes a Charge But Tarter Holds Steady to Win the 2012 Chippewa Championship

Nathan Tarter and Kevin Larizza with the 2012 Chippewa Championship Trophy
Nathan Tarter wins the 2012 Chippewa Championship Trophy, presented by Kevin Larizza

Chippewa ChampionshipPlaying a group ahead of the first-round leader Nathan Tarter, Aaron Crewse made an absurd birdie on the 540-yard par-4 18th hole Sunday with a driver-hybrid-15-foot-curler to finish the day at 2-under par 69 and put some real heat on the front-runner from Mogador.

That unlikely birdie-3 finish by Crewse forced the first-round leader to make at least a score of five on the final hole from the monster back tee, and the field average score on that hole for the day was 5.2. So it was no easy task in front of Tarter, and the murmur of a potential playoff went through the crowd as he set himself to hit his second shot from about 245-yards away.

Tarter’s hybrid second finished well short and in line with the left greenside bunker, leaving a testy 25-yard pitch for his third. But as he had done all week, the Malone player showed some short game prowess by lofting his wedge to 8-feet above the hole then gently sending the par putt to the bottom of the cup for a two-shot victory.

The finishing par by Tarter meant that for the first time in quite a long while, the winning total for the 36-hole Chippewa Championship was under par: a 1-under par score of 141. Kevin Larizza and Brad Stewart lived up to their word to make the golf course setup as challenging as possible while still being eminently fair; clearly, mission accomplished.

That’s certainly not to say the course was set up ‘normal’ or ‘easy’ by any stretch of the imagination, as the 13+ green speeds and sloping hole locations meant that any mediocre shot hit from the wrong side still traveled far from the hole for most of the weekend. (See the Video Gallery from Sunday’s round for documented proof.) But if a shot was played to the correct spot and the putt hit with care, a par could be had on any hole while still providing a fair chance at birdie for the brave. As it should be.

After Tarter at 141 and Crewse at 143, the next best score was a trio of players seven shots removed at 8-over par 150: John Kabasky, Mike Simpson, and 2010 champion Ty Kovach.

Allen Freeman followed another shot behind that in solo sixth, while 10-over par 152 rounded out the top-9, earned by Pete Skirpstas, Ryan Stefanski, and Nate Petry.

As always, the players send a hearty thank you to Kevin Larizza, Brad Stewart, Eric, Don and the rest of the Chippewa Golf Club staff for the 24th playing of what has become a annual must-enter tournament. We look forward to the Silver Anniversary tournament next season!

Complete results below.

FINAL RESULTS: 2012 Chippewa Championship
Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio
Saturday & Sunday, August 25-26, 2012
Par 71

Nathan Tarter6972 =141
Aaron Crewse7469 =143
John Kabasky7476 =150
Mike Simpson7575 =150
Ty Kovach7674 =150
Allen Freeman7774 =151
Pete Skirpstas8072 =152
Ryan Stefanski7676 =152
Nate Petry7775 =152
Joe Hedrick7974 =153
Quinn Parker7677 =153
Tim Cebula7479 =153
Drew Thompson7678 =154
John Clark7876 =154
Matt Heestand7579 =154
Dan Marr7877 =155
Mark Thomas7977 =156
Russ Rybka7383 =156
Chris Okeson8571 =156
Kenny Koprivec8077 =157
Larry Lahnan8077 =157
Rob Schustrich7780 =157
Dave Trier7681 =157
Charlie Schrader8077 =157
Jeff Wenger7880 =158
Scott Heran8178 =159
Tommy Li8376 =159
Richie Schembechler7982 =161
Dennis Berkheimer7983 =162
Ryan Burrows8577 =162
Tom Stiller8181 =162
Fred Miller8181 =162
Mark Johnson7785 =162
Steve Feist7885 =163
Jeff Leonard8380 =163
Brandon Bell8480 =164
John Jadgchew8282 =164
Nate Bartow8580 =165
Chris Plute8679 =165
Ken Troutman8184 =165
Jeff Hetler8779 =166
Brian Lemasters8284 =166
Dave Snell8186 =167
Mike Brooks8286 =168
Dan Fearer8583 =168
Jim Niskanen8683 =169
Mike Hose8287 =169
Steve Kimson8189 =170
Tom Markham7892 =170
Jason Chadima8387 =170
Larry Russel9081 =171
Tim Hazel8290 =172
Kevin Larizza9183 =174
Justin Morton8887 =175
Brad Stewart8491 =175
Derek Duda8690 =176
Bob Cornelious8888 =176
Kurt Wilgues8591 =176
Mark Schneider8592 =177
Josh Wilson9088 =178
Chris Boni9486 =180
Mike Armour9190 =181
Landon Palay8993 =182
Jerry Brooker8597 =182
Kevin Zengh9095 =185
Jay Carpenter9396 =189
Jeff Gainer9696 =192
Mike Potaski91104 =195
Richard Martin9998 =197
Cliff Griffith10496 =200
Randy Skorman87DNS
Kevin Breen91NC
Jimmy Krivanek85DNS


Saturday Skins
Justin Morton #3 $320 (Eagle)
Kenny Koprivec #5 $320
Charlie Schrader #14 $320

Sunday Skins
# 3 Allen Freeman $320 (Eagle)
#9 Derek Duda $320
#10 Aaron Crewse $320 (Eagle)
#11 Dave Trier $320 (Eagle)
#12 Larry Russel $320
#14 Chris Okeson $320
#16 Mike Armour $320


#9 Mike Hose $500
#10 Aaron Crewse $500 (Eagle)

Wager sheet results to be confirmed and posted Monday evening.

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    August 27, 2012

    Great play and congrats Nate…noble run and great 3 on 18 AC….2 horse race!

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