SponsorCo Spring Four-Ball Championship

Northern Ohio Golf Association

Lakewood Country Club, Mon Mar 23, 2020, 01:00 PM Start

2613 Bradley Rd, Westlake   COURSE DETAILS >
FORMAT/FIELD: 2-Player Team Event, Amateur, Better Ball Format, Senior

NOGA Championships Series

SponsorCo, a fake companyAN EXAMPLE EVENT of the NOGA Championships Series to show what a Title Sponsorship looks like.

This event is not real and will not be played. It is posted to the Tournament Calendar only to show potential sponsors the benefits received for a Title Sponsor partnership. The Title Sponsor in this example is a fictitious company, “SponsorCo“.

So please, don’t sign up today! For illustrative purposes only.


See how the “SponsorCo” name is built directly into the event title? That means the sponsor’s name MUST appear in every reference to this event:

– on the Home Page where the Upcoming Tournaments are listed;

– on the NOGA Category Page that shows all of the stories for NOGA;

– on the Tournament Calendar and the various calendar listings across the website;

– on the Call-for-Entries story that will be posted 2-3 weeks out;

– on the Starting Times post a few days out;

– and then forever as part of the Final Results Game Story and Photo Gallery.

And since this is a NOGA event, this same branding will appear across all of the tournament operations pages on NOGA.org!

Additionally, the company name is referenced in every Twitter and Facebook post that links back to each one of those stories. On the NOGA social accounts too.

The Title Sponsor also receives a sizable placement of their company logo (always made clickable to go directly to the company website or selected landing page!) featured prominently on every one of the above-listed site pages and posts.

And for the entire season, a Title Sponsor also receives a 300×60 px ad space on the Series Category Page and on every NOGA story page like this one. (Shown as the gold ad and blank boxes posted in the right-hand column on each).

At the golf course on event day, the Title Sponsor’s branding will be prominently presented at Player Registration before the event begins, and at the Tournament Scoreboard where everyone gathers after play is completed. If “SponsorCo” wishes to create a display or promotion for the competitors and spectators on-site at those locations, that is welcomed!


Brand ALL of the events of an entire season-long series with your company name and logo: become a Tournament Series Sponsor! Continuing with our fictional company, the 2020 series would no longer be called the NOGA Championships Series; it would be called the SponsorCo Championships Series. The company branding would appear on every single page or post related to every one of the Series events, plus any points list updates, a season-ending championship, etc. There is a long, long list of significant branding benefits with a Tournament Series Sponsorship, as it is the most valuable option available. NOGA has TWO Series options (Championships Series and Flighted Series), so please see the details by clicking the link below…