Tam O'Shanter 2-M Better Ball


, Sun Apr 22, 2018, 12:00 PM Start

FORMAT/FIELD: 2-Player Team Event, Amateur, Skins Game, Better Ball Format

Clubhouse at Tam O'Shanter Golf Course Canton Ohio

Northeast Ohio Golf Tournament SeriesAn event of the Northeast Ohio Golf Tournament Series.

An 18-hole 2-player amateur-only better ball event contested at scratch with a big skins game.

Tee times in groups of four players begin at 12 Noon and run until just after 1:30p.

All players compete from AGE-APPROPRIATE TEES in ONE DIVISION for tournament prizes and skins. Tees are set so that the line of play is the same for all competitors, and so no age group has an advantage against the rest of the field: men competitors ages 18-54 play from the back tees; men age 55-64 play from the middle tees; men age 65+ and and women under age 35 play from the senior/forward tees; women age 35+ play from the far-forward tees.

Tam O'Shanter Golf Course CantonENTRY FEE: a team may enter the Pot + Skins game or play Skins Only for a lesser total entry fee but a slightly higher skins game amount:

The $100/player Pot + Skins Entry Fee ($200/team) covers: 18 holes of golf with cart; $40 to the tournament stroke play pot; $20 to the big skins game pot; an event operations fee of $5.

The $70/player Skins Game Only Entry Fee ($140/team) covers: 18 holes of golf with cart; $30 to the big skins game; an event operations fee of $5.

All entry fees must be paid in CASH ONLY at the golf course on event day; no credit cards or checks accepted. A team may decided on event day to enter Pot+Skins or Skins Only. There are NO yearly membership fees for this Series.

Prizes are distributed to the top 25% of finishers per the prize chart, always based on the number of tournament entries received.

All skins game money collected is paid out in full based on the number of skins won. If no outright skins are won, a split of the skins pot will be divided among the least-tied holes.

Sample prize payout based on 30 teams:
1st $900
2nd $600
3rd $350
4th $200
5th $150
6th $125
7th $75

Skins: $1,200

THE MORE ENTRIES ACCEPTED, THE LARGER THE FINAL PAYOUT! All payouts are provided in gift certificates or cash, at the player’s choice.

TO ENTER: email Northeast Ohio Golf or call/text the Tournament Series voicemail at (216) 584-6530. Simply ask to be entered into the event by golf course name, and we will add you to the list. If you email or text/call from your cell phone, we will send you a confirmation in reply when we add you to the list. ENTRY DEADLINE IS THURSDAY APRIL 19th at 6 p.m..

Starting times are posted Friday by noon. Scores and payout results are posted to after the event.