Eclipse Ace!

Colton Levey Walsh Jesuit High School Golf

Because of a celestial event, Colton Levey, a sophomore at Walsh Jesuit High School, will easily remember his SEVENTH hole-in-one. (Yep, you read that right: this high school kid has 7 aces!)

Colton aced the 8th hole at Inverness Golf Club in Toledo during the St. John’s Jesuit Inverness Club Invitational on Monday afternoon, August 21, 2017.

That’s right: he aced the hole during the middle of the solar eclipse!

The 8th hole played 135 yards and Colton used a pitching wedge.

Colton also tied for first place in the 21 Ohio team showcase event, shooting a score of 72 on the par 71, 7,100 yard layout. (COMMENTARY: officially, he “lost” in a score card playoff to finish runner-up, a ridiculous contrivance. Either call it a tie for first place or run a playoff.)

Congratulations to Colton on both the ace and T1 finish!

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