Durbin & Bishop Roll: Chippewa Scratch Week 10

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Night Scratch LeagueThe team of Chris Durbin and Shane Bishop rolled to a three shot win over a host of second place finishers at the Chippewa Scratch League on Monday, posting a smooth 5-under par 30 in a back-nine scramble format.

Their victory helps the team close the gap in the season-long money race; the pair held the lead for several weeks after a huge early skin, but Danny Marr’s hole-out eagle two weeks ago helped him and Mike Armour to the top of the leaderboard. Durbin and Bishop hold down the T-3 spot, and are inching closer.

No skins were won on the evening, and that means a big carry-over for the Steak Night / Cash Night next Monday at Rosemont! Details on next Monday’s festivities here. Should make for even more drama at the jumble…

Week 10: Back Nine Scramble – 7-13-09   
1st – Durbin – Bishop     30     $190 PP    $200 GC
T2nd – Hetler – Hetler     33           $37.50 GC
T2nd – Waters – Sutter     33           $37.50 GC
T2nd – Markham – Skorman     33           $37.50 GC
T2nd – Canter – Diebold     33           $37.50 GC


Sr. Skins
Thompson – Niskanen     #10     $40
Markham – Skorman     #12     $40

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