Crewse Sails to a Four Shot Victory at the 2011 Chippewa Championship

Final Foursome at the 2011 Chippewa Championship
Aaron Crewse putts out at 18 as Matt Heestand, Kurt Peterson and Mike Simpson look on.

Chippewa ChampionshipWith scores for the vast majority of the field soaring with the increasing winds, the rising temperatures and the infamous tournament hole locations, Aaron Crewse of Green, Ohio calmly and coolly went about his business, leaving his ball in just the right spot hole after hole.

Taking a two shot lead into the final round, Crewse played steady, solid golf, posting a 2-over par 73 on Sunday — the second lowest round of the day — and earned a four shot victory in the 2011 Chippewa Championship with an impressive even par total of 142, his first win in the event.

Aaron Crewse on Sunday at Chippewa
Crewse sends a hybrid second shot toward the green at the monstrous 510-yard par-4 18th hole.

(If you’ve never played in the Chippewa Championship, know that the hole locations used for both rounds — but especially the second round — could be considered ‘ironman scramble’ locations: holes are cut close to the edges of the greens, behind bunkers, and on every mound and run-away downslope that can be found at Chippewa, of which there are many. And the back of the back tees are used as well, including the top-of-the-world 18th tee that stretches the hole to a 510-yard par-4. So there are no easy pars to be had in any of the 36 holes in play for this tournament. Every single hole is hard work. But really, that’s why it’s fun. And maddening.)

Matt Heestand of Cleveland held on to the second place position from where he started the day, shooting a solid 75 that included a 360-degree lip-out on the final hole. It was Heestand’s first attempt at ‘The Insanity at Chippewa’, and a second place finish having never seen the golf course set up in its championship format is a commendable feat.

Quinn Parker of Massillon grabbed third place in the Championship thanks to a solid Sunday round of 1-over par 72, the low round of the finale, while recently crowned Cleveland Am champ Pete Skirpstas finished fourth.

The shot of the week belonged to Danny Marr of Akron, who made an albatross-2 on the 475-yard par-5 11th hole with a drive and a backed-up 7-iron from 162 yards. (Yes, it was good for a skin.)

Crewse and Larizza with the Trophy
Chippewa Golf Course Owner Kevin Larizza presents the 2011 trophy to Crewse

Kudos to Kevin Larizza, Don Olney and Eric McKinney for another well-run championship, to Brad Stewart and staff for a golf course that was in great condition especially given all the challenging weather the area has faced this year, and to Dave Chapple and Jeff Jenkins for the scoring.

Check out the photos from Sunday’s second round that have been added to the 2011 Chippewa Championship Photo Gallery.

FINAL RESULTS: 2011 Chippewa Championship
Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio – Par 71
Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st:

1Crewse, Aaron6973142
2Heestand, Matt7175146
3Parker, Quinn7572147
4Skirpstas, Pete7574149
5Kabasky, John7576151
5Simpson, Mike7477151
7Peterson, Kurt7478152
8Oates, Dave7579154
9Markham, Tom7580155
10Koprivec, Kenny7779156
11Beal, Ross7978157
11Heran, Scott7978157
11Crute, Mike7780157
11Hunka, Sean7780157
15Davis, Tim8177158
15Cutlip, Dean7781158
15Thomas, Mark7583158
18Duda, Derek8277159
18Huntley, Brian7980159
18Spino, Bob7584159
21Grosso, Jim7981160
21Thompson, Drew7981160
23Flossie, Joe8378161
23Kracker, Mike7784161
25Li, Tom8280162
25Schneider, Mark7983162
27Kovach, Ty8083163
28Tomabene, Joe8084164
28Krivanek, Jim7589164
30Marr, Dan8580165
30Witmer, Mike8184165
32Bartow, Nate8185166
32Lewis, Allen8185166
32Freeman, Allen7789166
35Sargent, Nathan8582167
35Smith, Rick8087167
37Thompson, Tom7988167
38Chadima, Jason8682168
38Skorman, Randy8385168
38Kohler, Chris7989168
41Okeson, Chris8782169
41Jenkins, Jeff8089169
41Loomis, Rob7990169
45Brooker, Jerry8684170
45Hamilton, Mike8387170
45Hedrick, Joe8189170
45Vay, Mike8090170
49Breen, Tim8487171
49McCoy, Ron8388171
49Armour, Mike7596171
52Fleming, Doug8092172
53Hetler, Jeff8687173
53Rybka, Russ8687173
55Nemeth, Joe8390173
56Plute, Chris8787174
57Carpenter, Jay8590175
58Kimson, Steve9086176
58Barbas, Jeff8888176
60Larizza, Kevin8692178
60Gorka, John8395178
62Wilgues, Kurt8990179
62Feist, Steve8594179
62Boni, Chris8198179
62Coventry, Jimmy8792179
66Harmon, Bobby9090180
66Cornelius, Bob8793180
68Troutman, Ken8893181
68Palay, Landon8596181
71Mendoza, Raul9192183
71Wilson, Steve9093183
73Zheng, Kevin8898186
74Wilson, Josh9196187
75Lynch, Michael9296188
76Stewart, Brad9099189
77Gainer, Jeff9697193
78Kounts, Johnathan9995194
79Smargiasso, Heath95100195
80Okonek, Phil10098198
81Byler, Sean94104198
82Chapman, Rob96106202
83Laubscher, Rocky10999208
84Mendoza, Andrew110117227
WDCrider, Randy78WDWD
WDBojc, Phil80WDWD
WDBerkheimer, Dennis80WDWD
WDNiskanen, Jim83WDWD
WDBerkheimer, Bob84WDWD
WDAndy Fertal83WDWD
WDMark Bruhn94WDWD
WDJim Tarter90WDWD


1st – Aaron Crewse $350
2nd – Matt Heestad $300
3rd – Quinn Parker $250
4th – Pete Skripstas $175
T5th – John Kabasky $50
T5th – Mike Simpson $50

Saturday Skins – $635 ea
Nate Sargent #3 (3)
Mike Crute #11 (3)
Jim Grosso #12 (2)
Aaron Crewse #18 (3)

Saturday Senior Skins – $55 ea
Scott Heran #2 (2)
Jim Niskanen #4 (3)
Mike Crute #11 (3)
Bob Cornelious #15 (3)

Sunday Skins – $635 ea
Chris Okeson #2 (2)
Joe Nemeth #5 (3)
Dan Marr #11 (2)

Sunday Senior Skins – $55 ea
Mike Crute #7 (3)
Mike Crute #9 (3)
Tim Davis #10 (4)
Scott Heran #11 (3)

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