Crewse Grabs First Round Lead at Chippewa

Aaron Crewse Chippewa Championship 2011 Round 1
Aaron Crewse pitches up the 14th green in the first round of the Chippewa Championship

Chippewa ChampionshipAaron Crewse of Green posted a steady round of 35 – 34 = 69 to grab the first round lead of the 2011 Chippewa Championship on Saturday in Dolyestown at two-under par.

Crewse also earned ‘hole of the day’ kudos as well: the birdie-three he put together on the super-extended 520-yard par-4 18th netted him a skin — and maybe close to a two shot gain on the field average as well.

Matt Heestand of Cleveland sits two shots behind Crewse in second place; Heestand turned the front nine in a scorching 3-under par 32 put slid back a bit with a 39 coming in to finish at even par 71.

Another three shots behind that and in a tie for third place are Kurt Peterson and Mike Simpson at 74, while past champion Dave Oates sits among a large group of players who finished at 75.

The greens firmed up over the course of the week and the hole locations were quite tough but fair, so an under par round certainly is a solid start to this 36-hole stroke play championship. But the field has come to expect the pin positions to be even more difficult for Sunday, so anything can still happen…

(Sunday Starting Times to be posted to Northeast Ohio Golf soon.)

ROUND ONE RESULTS: 2011 Chippewa Champion
Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio – Par 71
Saturday, August 20th, 2011

1Crewse, Aaron353469b
2Heestand, Matt323971
3Peterson, Kurt373774a
3Simpson, Mike363874b
5Armour, Mike373875b
5Kabasky, John344175
5Krivanek, Jim363975
5Markham, Tom383775b
5Oates, Dave373875a
5Parker, Quinn354075b
5Skirpstas, Pete363975
5Spino, Bob354075a
5Thomas, Mark373875a
14Crute, Mike393877
14Cutlip, Dean364177a
14Freeman, Al383977b
14Hunka, Sean374077a
14Koprivec, Kenny374077b
14Kracker, Mike374077a
20Crider, Randy384078
21Beal, Ross374279a
21Grosso, Jim423779b
21Heran, Scott364379
21Huntlly, Brian354479
21Kohler, Chris384179
21Loomis, Rob374279
21Schneider, Mark364379
21Thompson, Drew403979a
21Thompson, Tom394079b
30Berkheimer, Dennis404080
30Bojc, Phil394180
30Fleming, Doug384280
30Jenkins, Jeff394180
30Kovach, Ty394180b
30Smith, Rick394180
30Tomabene, Joe404080
30Vay, Mike384280
38Bartow, Nate404181
38Boni, Chris404181
38Davis, Tim394281
38Hedrick, Joe394281b
38Lewis, Allen394281
38Witmer, Mike384381
44Duda, Derek394382
44Li, Tom404282b
46Fertal, Andy384583
46Flossie, Joe424183
46Gorka, John394483
46Hamilton, Mike394483a
46McCoy, Ron414283b
46Nemeth, Joe374683a
46Niskanen, Jim404383b
46Skorman, Randy384583
54Berkheimer, Bob404484
54Breen, Tim414384
56Carpenter, Jay404585
56Feist, Steve404585
56Marr, Dan414485b
56Palay, Landon424385
56Sargent, Nathan394685
61Brooker, Jerry424486
61Chadima, Jason434386a
61Hetler, Jeff424486b
61Hodge, Bill414586
61Larizza, Kevin454186a
61Rybka, Russ394786b
67Cornelius, Bob444387b
67Coventry, Jimmy454287
67Okeson, Chris404787a
67Plute, Chris424587
71Barbas, Jeff414788
71Troutman, Ken444488
71Zheng, Kevin434588
74Wilgues, Kurt434689a
75Harmon, Bobby424890
75Kimson, Steve414990
75Stewart, Brad434790a
75Tarter, Jim444690
75Wilson, Steve424890a
80Mendoza, Raul454691a
80Wilson, Josh464591
82Lynch, Michael454792a
83Bruhn, Mark464894b
83Byler, Sean454994
85Smargiasso, Heath474895
86Chapman, Rob484896
86Gainer, Jeff465096
88Kounts, Johnathan455499
89Okonek, Phil4456100
90Casady, John5156107
91Laubscher, Rocky5059109
92Mendoza, Andrew4763110b


Day 1 Skins
Sargent #3 3
Crute #11 3
Grosso # 12 2
Crewse # 18 3

Day 1 Senior Skins
Heran #2 2
Niskanen #4 3
Crute #11 3
Cornelius #15 3

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