Crewes & Vincelette Overcome “Winter in May” to Win 2010 Turkeyfoot Spring 2-M Scramble

How cold was it? Doug 'Sparky' Barber and Ross Beal were probably a bit under-dressed...

Turkeyfoot Lake Golf LinksIt was brutal. Temperature in the mid-40s. Winds of 25-30 mph.

It even hailed twice.

At least Turkeyfoot Golf Links superintendent Charlie Mozingo gave the field a bit of a break by setting the hole locations in friendlier-than-normal tournament spots.

But friendly pins or not, the 10-under par score of 61 posted by the team of Brian Vincelette and Aaron Crewse showed some resolve against the elements. The pair posted their score as the first group of the day (but in no way did they dodge the weather by going out early!), then held on for a one shot victory over three teams that finished at -9: Mike Armour & David Trier, Jeff Mallette & John Oyster, and Justin Lower & Rich Schembechler.

And even more impressive for the tournament field as a whole was the fact that 45 teams played in that weather!

Skins: the team of Mike Simpson and Dan Marr won the entire $900 skins pot with a birdie on the 178-yard par-3 second hole, a difficult shot that played into a gale with a tricky front-right pin. But as much as luck smiled on Simpson and Marr to win a skin with a birdie in a scramble, she showed some disdain for the teams of Troutman & Albright and Seltzer & Vance: both of those teams holed out for eagle from the fairway on the short par-4 14th hole to tie each other off. (Simpson and Marr thank them.)

Complete results follow. And also see the photo gallery from Turkeyfoot!


FINAL RESULTS: Spring 2010 Turkeyfoot GC 2 Man Scramble
Saturday, May 8, 2010, Akron Ohio [prize payouts listed are per team]

Crewse/Vincelette 61 $740.00
Lower/Schembechler 62 $530.00
Mallette/ Oyster 62 $530.00
Armour/Trier 62 $530.00
Danals/Danals 63 $350.00
Beal/Barber 64 $125.00
Brick/Smith 64 $125.00
Kabasky/Weaver 64 $125.00
Johnson/Jadgchew 64 $125.00
Simpson/Marr 64 $125.00
Selzer/Vance 64 $125.00
Duda/Cobb 65
Lambos/Lenartowicz 65
Anderson/Anderson 65
Keller/Fraze 65
Herstich/Herstich 66
Cea/Pulk 66
Albright/Troutman 66
Platt/Pope 67
Martin/Stack 67
Fisher/Stout 67
Sandine/Kinkela 67
Freeman/Kovach 67
Phipps/Sine 67
Kimson/Lynn 68
Peterson/O’Byrne 68
Tarter/Hedrick 68
Hubert/Sandridge 69
Kern/Seever 69
Godzek/Zitkovic 69
Diebold/Canter 70
Schrader/DeFrancesco 70
Okeson/Bojc 70
Lowry/Fricker 70
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