PGA Merchandise ShowWhen the media says that golf is dying, don’t believe them.

Having spent three days at last week’s 2018 PGA Show in Orlando, it’s clear that the game is healthy and on an upward swing.

The Orlando Convention Center was full of exhibitors.

The big company’s booths were gigantic and dazzling.

The aisles were packed.

Every day over the course of this week, I’ll post up something cool or interesting I saw at the Show.

Not just products and gear, either, but concepts, tech and trends too.

Bronze Statue Golf GuyBut for today, something off-beat clever and funny.

A company called Your Leaderboard sells tournament scoring supplies and trophies. So to grab attention, they had a life-size bronze statue of an 19th century golfer on display.

One that moves and breathes.

Sure it’s an old stunt. But even up close, the bronze colors on the guy’s face and clothes really made him look like a statue.

And he’d laugh and give you a fist-bump after you took his picture, too…

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