UPDATE: 2013 CMG Player of the Year Points

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Cleveland Metroparks GolfChris Davis and Nick Palladino added a first place finish at the Big Met 2-Player Scramble/Better Ball last week to their runner-up finish at the Manakiki scramble, and now they both share the top of the Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year Points List with 38.

Tied for third at 30 points is Scott Saari and Paul LaGrotteria, who finished second at Big Met and fifth at Manakiki.

Last year’s Player of the Year Dave Sotka sits tied for 6th along with his playing partner Steve Blackburn Jr.

Nick Anagnost finished 6th in the last two events with two different partners to now sit in 8th place with 20 points.

With the Spring Tour Series now completed, the next time players can earn POY points will be in July with the Greater Cleveland Senior Amateur, followed by the Cleveland Metroparks Course Championships. Both lead up to the Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship, to be played at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Brecksville on August 9, 10 & 11.


(through the playing of the Spring Tour events)

Pts Player
38 Chris Davis
38 Nick Palladino
30 Scott Saari
30 Paul LaGrotteria
26 Dave Stover
24 Dave Sotka
24 Steve Blackburn Jr.
20 Nick Anagnost
16 Russel Rybka
16 Todd Rohde
16 Brad Poe
14 Kevin Price
14 Paul Malkus
14 Michael Mintz
14 Scott Heran
12 Ron Miller
12 Tim Moore
12 Joe Mannix
12 Shane Ash
10 Steve Blackburn Sr.
10 Eddie Neer
10 Jeff O’Brien
10 Ray Durban
10 Lou Durban
9 Douglass Sessor
9 Michael Renner
9 Andy Slayman
9 Tim Hager
8 Chris Horne
8 Erron Gomez
8 Jason Nicholas
8 Dan Nicholas
8 Reggie Rucker
8 Walt Robertson
7 Carmen Naso
7 Jaime Serrat
7 Jim Younti
7 Pat D’Angleo
6 Pat Osborne
6 Erik Gudenas
6 Ward Crane
6 Matt Kanan
6 John Kalnasy
6 Bob Wypasek
6 John Wypasek
6 Dave Engler
5 Dan Dietzel
5 Dan Dietzel Jr.
5 Brian Dietzel
5 Kevin Huster
5 Ian Marek
4 Ken Kuty
4 Eric Weaver
4 Vince Kuty
4 Scott Schuster
4 Chris Eggleton
3 Doug Barber
3 Gene Barber
3 Jim Barber
3 Rob Paul
2 Michael Johnson
2 Dave McCluskey
2 Tom O’Boyle
2 Dave Stelau
1 Chuck Morrow
1 Patrick Devine
1 Kyle Jacob

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