Greater Cleveland Amateur Golf Championship2018 marks the 25th year for the Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship. While the tournament continues to be successful and is a coveted title for players in the region, it is time to see if some changes might make the event even better.

Below is a list of changes for qualifying and the tournament proper that will be implemented for this year’s Championship:

Entry Fees

• Previously, entry fees at the Course Championships/qualifiers were either $100 or $120 depending on the course played. Now, all non-exempt player entries will be $110, and all exempt players will pay $120.

• Once a non-exempt player qualifies for the GCAC, that player will pay a $10 “confirmation fee” to secure a starting time in the Championship field. Some players qualified but didn’t play in the Championship and didn’t notify the Committee, so requiring this confirmation will allow us the option to fill the field with alternates from the qualifiers.


• Course Championship payouts will go from 4 to 5 places.

• GCAC prize payouts will be expanded from 10 places to 15.

Qualifying Spots

• The number of qualifying spots at each course will be based on the size of the field. This year it will be the top 25% and ties of the non-exempt players of each Course Championship, with 15 players and ties being the max limit.


• Exemptions for past Senior GCAC Champions will be limited to the previous 4 years. Previously included all past Senior champions.

• Eligible WAGR Rankings will go from top 500 to top 1500.

• Only current year “stoke play” tournament winners from CMP, NOGA and ADGA are exempt. Previously included all event winners.

• Added top 3 CMP Senior Player of the Year rankings as of July 1. NOGA POY rankings reduced from 5 to 3 as of July 1.

• Top 3 CMP Player of the Year finishers from the previous year. Previously only included champion.

• Added exemptions for the reigning ADGA Golfer of the Year tournament winner and the reigning NOGA Player of the Year.

Deferred Exemptions

• All Course Championship qualifiers who cannot make it to the current year’s GCAC and have paid their “confirmation fee” can defer their exemption for one year.

A list of all exempt players’ names and the category of exemption will be posted online the first week of July. We look forward to the 2018 Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship at Sleepy Hollow on August 10 – 12!

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