Aurora Country Club Will Close Unless Citizen Comments Stop the Ohio EPA

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The misguided bureaucrats in the City of Aurora and at the Ohio EPA will get their way on December 14th unless enough public comments are received to stop the closing of Aurora Country Club.

The City posted the Ohio EPA’s final report that found that there is no significant financial impact to closing the golf course (other than the lost jobs, revenues, and taxes), that there is no other way to ‘stop the impending development’ (although no development plan has been put forth), and that the property values for the houses on the golf course will not be affected by the closing (let’s ask a real estate agent).

Please read the report linked above; besides being infuriating with its obvious factual inaccuracy, it’s the definition of bureaucratic misinformation written solely to justify a pre-conceived end.

If you want to help stop this waste of a true asset to the golf community while saving taxpayers millions of dollars, you must do so before December 14th, the end of the 30 day commenting period.

Send an email and let your voice be heard that the Aurora Country Club should not be closed for the false reasons stated in the EPA’s document:

Steve Malone, Ohio EPA | Gov. John Kasich

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