Between the COVID-19 lockdown and bouts of bad spring weather, the April 2020 Rounds Played Report by Golf Datatech shows the Ohio numbers in freefall.

April 2020 rounds were significantly impacted by the closures of many golf courses. A patchwork of governmental regulations and local health department actions had some courses completely closed to play, while others were open for part of the month and closed for the rest. Some stayed open the entire time and drew in golfers from surrounding counties.

The total number of courses reporting rounds to Golf Datatech for the month of April was not significantly different from 2019, however many reported no rounds for this April.

Because of these disruptions, Golf Datatech is still omitting data for specific metropolitan areas.

So for the state of Ohio, April 2020 rounds played were down a calamitous -44.1% when compared to 2019.

And even after a great start to the first three months of 2020, the year-to-date numbers for Ohio are now down a sizable -30.8%.

For the entire U.S., the numbers were bad as well: down -42.2% in April, now down -15.6% YTD overall.

The weather was spotty in May in Ohio, but golf courses seemed to be booming. So we’ll see what happens with next month’s report…

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