Golf Course Member Program

Golf course owners and managers want to sell tee times, attract outings, and promote tournaments throughout the season. Northeast Ohio Golf helps facilities target these goals through its Golf Course Member Program.


– one (1) FEATURE ADVERTORIAL*, which is any promotional story idea you provide related to your facility which we write, add photos and post to the site on the date you specify. This story is initially featured at the top of the home page, and it is promoted through our social media accounts plus submitted to search.

– one (1) TOURNAMENT PROMOTION* package for an event you run at your course, which includes: a listing on the Tournament Calendar by event name with course/sponsors logos; an editorial Call-for-Entries story 2-3 weeks in advance; an advanced mention in our weekly Email Newsletter; and the posting of final results, photos, a game story, and sponsor names/logos that you supply by email after the event.

* – MIX & MATCH OPTION: get two Feature Advertorial posts or two Tournament Promotion listings instead of one of each. Your choice! Just let us know your preference when you join.

– unlimited Charity Calendar Listings for charity events hosted at your facility;

– one (1) Course Logo on the Homepage of linked to your website;

– one (1) Course Logo on the Tournament Calendar index page;

– one (1) Course Logo on the Charity Calendar index page;

– one (1) Course Logo on the Course Directory index page;

– one (1) Course Name in the Email Newsletter sent weekly during the season, monthly in the off-season;

– a content update of your Course Directory page on our website using photos and information you supply;

– marketing designation as a Golf Course Member by and the right to use that designation and our logo in your own marketing materials;

– a package of Northeast Ohio Golf posters and door stickers to use at your facility to cross-promote our relationship (or even some custom signage — let’s discuss options!);

– recognition in all group marketing initiatives undertaken by Northeast Ohio Golf, like consumer golf shows, PR campaigns, media opportunities, golf social events, etc.

Golf Course Member packages run from January 1 to December 31, with the prime traffic numbers matching the golf season (Apr 1 through Oct 1). Pro-rated fees are available on July 1st (30% off) and Oct 1st (60% off).

Golf Course Member Upgrades and Add-Ons:

– ADDITIONAL TOURNAMENT PROMOTIONS – ADD $75 EA : Fully promote one additional competitive tournament that you run at your course. Save $20 off the regular rate! Provides an existing Course Member with one full “Calendar Listing + Call for Entry Story + Email Newsletter + Results Post” package.

– GOLF COURSE REVIEW – ADD $100 : in place of the standard Advertorial Feature story included with membership, we produce a full-length golf course review story and make it the feature story for several days on the website! Our team comes out and plays your course, writes the review, takes photos. Then we post this story and add your course logo and link everything back to your course website. Course review example >

– ON-SITE EDITORIAL TOURNAMENT COVERAGE – ADD $150 : A Course Member can hire Northeast Ohio Golf to come on-site to an event you run to create complete editorial tournament coverage, including photos and a complete game story. We include sponsor names and logos within this content. Add $25 if full field scores must be compiled by us instead of emailed ready-to-post.

– AN NEOHGOLF.COM TOURNAMENT SERIES EVENT CONDUCTED AT YOUR COURSE – ADD $300 : Northeast Ohio Golf guarantees an event date at your facility for its Tournament Series. This upgrade is a direct revenue generator, as our events typically attract 50-100+ players. Cost is an additional $300 for Course Members, as running an event is significantly more work than promoting a tournament you run (see Promote vs. Run a Golf Tournament for details).

– PROMOTIONS AND RESULTS FOR A WEEKLY LEAGUE – ADD $300 : Run a season-long weekday golf league? A weekly skins game? Post your entire series to the Tournament Calendar and have the results published on the website every week! We’ll add your recurring series to the Tournament Calendar with entry/registration information on each event details page. Then after play each week, email over that week’s scores, standings, even notes and a photo if you wish. We’ll post those results to the website and link them all together through your own Category page accessible via site navigation. It’s a simple, affordable way to gain huge awareness for a weekly golf series. [Weekly Series example >]

– MULTIPLE MEMBER COURSES – ADD $100 EA : An owner or manager of multiple golf course properties can add other facilities for an additional $100 per course per calendar year after the initial Course Membership.



Let us create a CUSTOM PACKAGE based on the number of events you host and the level of promotion and editorial you want to receive…



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