Corporate Advertising & Sponsorships

Northeast Ohio Golf offers ad and sponsorship packages by calendar year, for a specific event, or as fully-customized programs. Advertorial and short-term promotion options are available too:

PRIMARY SITE SPONSOR:  $1,995 / Calendar Year

– one (1) 1080 x 300 full width home page ad that can be updated as desired;

– one (1) 1080 x 300 full width ad on every Category Page and Post throughout the website;

– one (1) welcome editorial acknowledging the sponsor relationship;

– one (1) full size graphic ad in the Email Newsletter sent every week during the season, monthly in the off-season;

– one (1) promotional story about your company or product (best if related in some way to golf) posted during the calendar year;

– and name and logo recognition within every promotion undertaken by Northeast Ohio Golf.

TOURNAMENT SPONSOR:  $295 / Event or $1,995 Season Series

Get Presenting Sponsor naming rights for a single golf tournament or become Title Sponsor for a year-long tournament series!

PRESENTING SPONSOR: Brand one (1) select golf tournament under the format “Tournament Name presented by Sponsor Name” for $295. Includes all program benefits outlined below.

TITLE SPONSOR: Brand all of the events under the format “Sponsor Name Tournament Series” for the entire year. Includes name/logo on the event series category page and in every Series reference, too, plus all of the program benefits outlined below. Title Sponsorship is $1,995 (i.e. $295 per event x 7-8 events for the season).

Under either option, the Tournament Sponsor program includes your company name and logo integrated seamlessly with every event promotion: on the Tournament Calendar page; on the Upcoming Events homepage listing; on a Call-for-Entries story; on a Starting Times story; on all golf course posters; through on-course signage; on the clubhouse scoreboard; and within Final Results Game Story that forever stays on the website.

Note that there can be only one Title Sponsor in 2019, but multiple Presenting Sponsors. These two options can exist together, too; there may be a Title Sponsor for the series with Presenting Sponsors for each event.

CORPORATE SITE SPONSOR:  $495 / Calendar Year

A 2018 Corporate Site Sponsor receives for the entire calendar year:

– one (1) 320px x 120px ad on the Home Page linked to your website;

– one (1) 320px x 120px ad on every Category Page and Post throughout the website;

– one (1) welcome editorial acknowledging the sponsor relationship;

– one (1) company name listed in the Email Newsletter sent every week during the season, monthly in the off-season.


Reach 120,000+ Northeast Ohio golfers through engaging editorial content! Our long-form advertorial is a featured story about your company with photos of your products and links to your website. You provide us with the topic framework and some quotes and we produce the narrative in our editorial voice. We layout the story with photos you provide, add your logo, and create several outbound links to your website. Once published, we link to the story from our popular social media accounts and reference the story in our weekly email newsletter. A great way to talk to Greater Cleveland golfers!

SUPPORTING SITE SPONSOR:  $100 / Calendar Year

Get your company logo posted on the home page of Northeast Ohio Golf with a link back to your website! A 200 x 100 px black-and-white logo will be posted with other Supporting Sponsors in a stand-alone section above the footer. Get recognition for your company and a backlink for your company’s website!


Advertise at a super-low cost with an individual display ad or a text link ad built into a story! These ads are posted within the body of one article or a series of articles; they do not appear on the home page or category pages. Individual display ads are 728px x 90px size; a text link ad spans the full column width set off by lines above and below. Individual advertisements are $25 each. A package of 10 ads purchased at once is discounted to $195.


Have an advertising idea that is different from the options outlined above? Talk to us!


Annual advertisement and sponsor packages run from January 1 to December 31. The prime traffic numbers matching the golf season (Apr 15 through Sep 15). Pro-rated annual ad rates are available on July 1st (30% off) and Oct 1st (60% off).

All ad materials must be supplied by the Sponsor per specs provided. If the Sponsor does not have any content for existing ads, Cleveland Creative Inc. (the parent company of can create ads for the Sponsor for a reasonable additional fee based on the complexity of the ad development requested.



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