ADGA Designates Northeast Ohio Golf as its Official Website; Unveils New Logo

Akron District Golf Association

ADGAThe Akron District Golf Association is taking on a new look for 2013, with a brand new logo and a streamlined website relationship.

For the last few seasons, was maintained as a separate website for tournament operations. But if you check that URL now, you will see that it lands on the ADGA category page of Northeast Ohio Golf.

In 2013, players can get all of their ADGA tournament news, registration information, starting times, results and GOY updates exclusively from the ADGA section of!

“Many of the ADGA’s players have been looking to Northeast Ohio Golf for our tournament times and results for awhile, so it just made sense to consolidate the online location for that information,” said Tim Davis, ADGA Executive Director.

Tournament Director Dave Chapple concurred, saying “The ADGA can focus on getting information out to players quickly by working with Allen through his regional website. It’s a win-win for us both.”

Chapple had been contemplating an ADGA logo update for a few years, and the launch of the new website relationship seemed to make 2013 the perfect time to get it done.

“Al and I talked about a number of different styles, and we came up with a ‘modern/retro’ design in both a golf shield and a button option, either of which have a pretty cool look.”

Watch powered by Northeast Ohio Golf for more details on the 2013 Akron District Golf Association season, coming soon!

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