Same-Round Aces for Spino and Van Nostran!

Northeast Ohio Golf

Making a hole-in-one on a buddy golf trip is fun.

Two guys on the same trip making a hole-in-one during the same round, that’s pretty rare.

One of those hole-in-ones going in on a par-4 — now the odds of that are downright astronomical!

Last Monday October 24th, 20 Northeast Ohio guys went on a golf trip to the Pearl River Golf & Casino Resort in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Sam Spino Doug Van NostranDuring their round that day at The Oaks Course at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, both Sam Spino Jr. and Doug Van Nostran made aces.

Doug made his ace on the 17th hole.

Sam made his on the 10th hole. The tenth hole is a par-4!

The driver hole-out is Sam’s fourth hole-in-one and his first-ever double eagle.

Doug’s dunk was his third career hole-in-one.

Even with the staggering odds of making these unlikely aces in the same round, received no additional reports regarding casino success post-round…

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