A Serious Debate About Local Scrambles

Northeast Ohio Golf

Some players who competed in the 4-man scramble at Windmill Lakes last Sunday have posted some serious charges on NEOHgolf.com regarding that event. Read their comments here. If you played at Windmill — or if you simply have some thoughts about how scrambles in Northeast Ohio are conducted — please register, log in and add your opinion!

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    November 13, 2009

    Maso don’t know who you are but I assume that you are the guy that left their group with 6 holes to play. Just would like to say that the GolfTEC group only had one pro, a doctor, a salesman, and a sophmore in highschool. We did not cheat by moving the ball to an open shot we all hit through the opening in between the trees. We played in 5 hours and you played in 4 hours after walking off the course and leaving your team as a 2-some. 18 under is a good score and the top teams all had great players. It was a nice event and I look foward to playing in it again next year.

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