Two Teams Tie at at a Toughened Eagle Creek 6-M

Eagle Creek Golf ClubIn an effort to eliminate a couple of perennial ‘pace of play backups’, the staff at Eagle Creek lengthened three holes for the 6-man scramble so players didn’t wait to drive a par-4 green or hit a par-5 in two.

Not only did those changes work to speed up play, but they also made the golf course more challenging — and the final scores reflected that new difficulty.

26 teams of 6 played a well-conditioned golf course (especially given the 5″ of rain that fell last week!) that featured three newly-lengthened holes: the par-4 4th played from a new tee at 420 yards; the par-4 17th played at its more typical 370 yards; and the par-5 18th played from a new tee box built back at a whopping 620 yards.

Add in a layer of thick spring rough and that made a score of 18-under par a winner under the new setup.

The 6-man team captained by Eric Frishette grabbed a share of the ring once again, thanks in large part to an eagle-3 at the 620-yard 18th (good for a skin; — seems Eagle Creek can’t make that hole long enough!). They tied with the Michigan-based team of Captain Ryan Lenahan who also finished at 18-under par, so each team earned $3,000 for the victory.

One shot behind at 17-under par were some recognizable team captain names: Tim Ailes of Lewis Center; Steve Weir of Berea; and Mike Emery of Canton.

A complete list of team members for each group that cashed is listed below.

In addition to Team Frishette’s skin with their eagle on the 18th, Troy Wilson of Bellefontaine ACED the 167-yard par-3 14th hole to grab the other $1,500 skin won on the day.

The pace of play changes made to the golf course were a success; the first 6-player team finished in 4 hours 20 minutes and all groups were in the clubhouse within 6 hours. Kudos to Dave Morgan and Dave Weisenberger for taking these proactive steps!

Eagle Creek will host their Fall 6-Man Scramble on October 16th; teams are encouraged to register early.


FINAL RESULTS: 2011 Spring Eagle Creek 6-M Scramble
Eagle Creek Golf Course, Norwalk Ohio
Saturday, April 30, 2011 – Par 71

T-1st 53 $3,000
Eric Frishette Columbus, OH (Captain)
Kirk Puckett Indianapolis, IN
Mike Doan Grand Rapids, MI
Matt Creech Mount Vernon, OH
Kenny Cook Indianapolis, IN
Andy Marcell Mount Vernon, OH

T-1st 53 $3,000
Ryan Lenahan Grosse Pointe, MI (Captain)
Chad Johnson Plymouth, MI
Jeff Champine Rochester, MI
Erik Schleicher Grosse Pointe, MI
Jerrod Barley Tinton, MI
Marty Jepperson Ann Arbour, MI

T-3rd 54 $333
Tim Ailes Lewis Center, OH (Captain)
Jason Leeds Westerville, OH
Matt Querry Delaware, OH
Josh Anderson Sunbury, OH
Richy Schembechler Canton, OH
Terry Wamack Worthington, OH

T-3rd 54 $333
Steve Weir Berea, OH  (Captain)
Kevin Weir Brunswick, OH
Tim Cebula Cleveland, OH
Kyle Cobb Strongsville OH
Tony Briggs Lakewood OH
Kellen Erdman Cleveland OH

T-3rd 54 $333
Mike Emery Canton, OH (Captain)
Mike Simpson Canton, OH
Nick Lambos Canton, OH
Jeff Mallette Canton, OH
Dave Oates Canton, OH
Jim Krivanek Cleveland, OH


Additional Scores (did not cash):
Oslie 55
Richardson 57
Osoteo 57
Armour 58
Sykora 58
McGarry 59
Mauch 59
Trent 59
Hungerman 59
Tuletta 59
Ream 60
Casabella 60
Parish 62
Gamble 62
Ruffner 62
Bordman 63
Barth 63


SKINS: Two at $1,500 ea

Hole-in-One, 167 yard Par-3 #14
Troy Wilson Bellefontaine, OH (ACE-MAKER!)
Kenny Day Bellefontaine, OH
Dick Parish Norwalk, OH (Captain)
Wayne Jackson Norwalk, OH
Steve Parish Columbus, OH
Greg Lonsway Norwalk, OH

Eagle 3, 620 yard Par-5 18th
Team Frishette

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