2019 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 7 Results

Logo for the Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League, Doylestown Ohio

It was a giant sister-kiss in Week 7 of the 2019 Chippewa Scratch League, as four teams tied at the top at 5-under par in the Better Ball format on the front side.

One of those teams was Leaderboard pole-sitters Dave Oates and Sam Spino, who padded their season-long totals with a bit of sliced up change on an 8-way split.

But the big story in Week 7 was that no team won a skin — CARRY OVER!

Next week Monday will have a super-big skins pot up for grabs. So calling all two-player am teams: come out and try your luck!

These carry over skins pots grow exponentially, too, as any team entering next week who didn’t pay into the skins pot in Week 7 has to toss in a $10 for last week, too…

2019 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Better Ball: Front 9
Monday, July 15, 2019

T1: Dave Oates / Sam Spino (30) $98.75
T1: Bobby Spino / Dan Marr (30) $98.75
T1: Ty Kovach / Al Freeman (30) $98.75
T1: Shayne Bishop / Kenny Koprivec (30) $98.75
16 teams competed

SKINS: $320.00


Dave Oates$474.26$446.76$27.50
Sam Spino$474.26$446.76$27.50
Vaughn Snyder$398.08$248.08$150.00
Mike Simpson$387.08$107.08$280.00
Bobby Spino$383.38$255.38$128.00
Dave Snyder$347.25$197.25$150.00
Rob Schustrich$338.50$338.50$0.00
Jim Krivanek$310.25$56.25$254.00
Dan Marr$271.13$143.13$128.00
Mitch Levengood$247.67$247.67$0.00
Ken Koprivec$238.76$159.26$79.50
Bobby Harmon$229.88$79.88$150.00
Eric Coleman$229.88$79.88$150.00
Jason Chadima$192.50$102.50$90.00
Mike Armour$192.50$102.50$90.00
John Kabasky$189.08$163.08$26.00
Shayne Bishop$179.71$100.21$79.50
Jimmy Wild$162.26$69.26$93.00
Matt Frey$162.26$69.26$93.00
Allen Freeman$140.21$140.21$0.00
Ty Kovach$140.21$140.21$0.00
Dylan Erks$108.75$18.75$90.00
Chris Okeson$90.83$90.83$0.00
Colton Vincelette$82.75$18.75$64.00
Bernie Chupek$74.00$0.00$74.00
Jeff Mallette$59.05$59.05$0.00
Kyle Jones$50.83$50.83$0.00
Jeff Dean$49.38$49.38$0.00
Rick Bryson$49.38$49.38$0.00
Zach Drukenbrod$46.50$0.00$46.50
Austin Griffith$27.50$0.00$27.50
Chris Helaney$27.50$0.00$27.50
Jason Hall$27.50$0.00$27.50
Aaron Apticar$26.00$0.00$26.00
JJ Grabowski$12.50$12.50$0.00
John Karamas$12.50$12.50$0.00
Pat Carruth$12.50$12.50$0.00
Shaun Kloetzer$12.50$12.50$0.00
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