2019 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 17 FINAL

Kevin Larizza and Mike Simpson

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueWith some great play early in the summer months, Mike Simpson of Green was simply too far ahead to be caught, and that cushion earned him the title of 2019 Chippewa Scratch League Champion once again.

Simpson earned his second consecutive Scratch League title, and he is the first player to win both the Scratch League and the Chippewa Championship (photo above) in the same season.

Allen Freeman and Ty Kovach tried their best in the Week 17 finale to catch Simpson, but the big carry-over skins pot in play was simply cut up too much.

Jeff Dean and Rick Bryson were the overall winners of the 3/3/3 event in Week 17 of the Chippewa Scratch League, shooting 4-under par 43 in Scramble/Better Ball/Shamble Aggregate to take the session’s overall title.

Freeman and Kovach finished one shot behind them overall, earned their first skin of the SEASON, and tied for first place in the scramble. Their haul was good for $448.34, which bumped them up to second and third place for the season on the 2019 Leaderboard — but still more than a Benjamin behind Simpson.

Another team of big winners in the season finale were John Vellios and Brad Jones. They won one of the three skins from the carry-over pot and tied for first place in the Scramble segment. Their solid nine holes earned them a tidy $353.34 for a couple hours of golf work.

John Patakos and Mike Shisler took the third skin won on the evening, making a pair of Shamble birdies at the par-4 seventh hole. The double-birdie helped them to a second place finish in the Shamble format as well.

A total of 52 players earned a payout to post their name on the Leaderboard during the 2019 Chippewa Scratch League season.

The Scratch League players thank Kevin Larizza and all of his staff for a fun league experience, especially Drew and Kyle for their solid administrative work all season long. We look forward to 2020. And congratulations to Mike Simpson!

Chippewa Monday Scratch League
2019 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

3/3/3 Format: Front 9
Monday, September 30, 2019

1st: Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson (43) $190.00
T2nd: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (44) $95.00
T2nd: Brian Gamble / John Toth (44) $95.00
13 teams competed

Al Freeman / Ty Kovach #2 (2) $233.33
John Vellios / Brad Jones #3 (3) $233.33
John Patakos / Mike Shisler #7 (6) $233.33

Scramble (#1, #2, #3):
T1st: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (9) $120.00
T1st: John Vellios / Brad Jones (9) $120.00

Better Ball (#4, #5, #6):
T1st: Dan Marr / Tom McBride (9) $80.00
T1st: Dave Oates / Sam Spino (9) $80.00
T1st: Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson (9) $80.00

Shamble Combined (#7, #8, #9):
1st: John Toth / Brian Gamble (22) $160.00
2nd: John Patakos / Mike Shisler (23) $80.00


Mike Simpson$807.66$414.33$393.33
Allen Freeman$702.01$585.34$116.67
Ty Kovach$683.76$567.09$116.67
Vaughn Snyder$668.91$518.91$150.00
Dave Snyder$618.08$468.08$150.00
Sam Spino$592.84$515.34$77.50
Jim Krivanek$588.42$264.42$324.00
Dave Oates$582.51$505.01$77.50
John Karamas$532.72$137.72$395.00
Shaun Kloetzer$532.72$137.72$395.00
Bobby Spino$485.18$313.85$171.33
Jeff Dean$434.51$344.51$90.00
Rick Bryson$434.51$344.51$90.00
Rob Schustrich$411.50$411.50$0.00
Jimmy Wild$380.34$124.01$256.33
Matt Frey$380.34$124.01$256.33
Dan Marr$351.35$223.35$128.00
Jason Chadima$329.80$109.80$220.00
Mike Armour$329.80$109.80$220.00
Ken Koprivec$311.76$232.26$79.50
John Kabasky$269.91$243.91$26.00
Shayne Bishop$252.71$173.21$79.50
Mitch Levengood$247.67$247.67$0.00
Mike Myers$231.25$41.25$190.00
Shane Nalepa$231.25$41.25$190.00
Bobby Harmon$229.88$79.88$150.00
Eric Coleman$229.88$79.88$150.00
John Toth$218.16$174.83$43.33
Chris Okeson$182.08$182.08$0.00
Dennis Berkheimer$177.16$83.83$93.33
Brad Jones$176.67$60.00$116.67
John Vellios$176.67$60.00$116.67
Bob Berkheimer$158.41$65.08$93.33
John Patakos$156.67$40.00$116.67
Mike Shisler$156.67$40.00$116.67
Bernie Chupek$149.00$75.00$74.00
Brian Gamble$127.50$127.50$0.00
Dylan Erks$108.75$18.75$90.00
Chris Helaney$102.50$75.00$27.50
Colton Vincelette$82.75$18.75$64.00
Austin Griffith$74.17$0.00$74.17
Jason Hall$74.17$0.00$74.17
Mike Atkinson$68.75$18.75$50.00
Kevin Larizza$61.58$18.25$43.33
Jeff Mallette$59.05$59.05$0.00
Kyle Jones$50.83$50.83$0.00
Kevin Breen$50.00$0.00$50.00
Zach Drukenbrod$46.50$0.00$46.50
Tom McBride$40.00$40.00$0.00
Aaron Apticar$26.00$0.00$26.00
Anthony Morazzi$18.75$18.75$0.00
JJ Grabowski$12.50$12.50$0.00
Pat Carruth$12.50$12.50$0.00

1 Comment

  1. Ty Kovach
    September 30, 2019

    Mike Simpson congrats on a great year (ruff ruff). Kudos to Kevin, Brad, Jeff, Josh Kyle, Denise and the rest is the staff for a wonderful year. Thank you to you all. Tybo

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