2019 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 15 Results

Logo for the Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League, Doylestown Ohio

Mike Simpson added to his Leaderboard lead with a Week 15 Shamble victory along side partner Jim Krivanek in the 2019 Chippewa Scratch League.

But it was the Brothers Berkheimer were the session’s big winners.

Simpson and Krivanek edged out a one shot win in the Shamble Aggregate format over two teams, finishing 4-under par on the front nine at Chippewa.

But Dennis and Bob Berkheimer nabbed two of the three skins won on the evening to better the winners’ take, bumping them both up the leaderboard.

Just two more Mondays remain in the 2019 Scratch League season, with the big 3/3/3 Steak Night finale on September 30th…

2019 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Shamble Combined: Front 9
Monday, September 16, 2019

1st: Mike Simpson / Jim Krivanek (66) $175.00
T2: John Karama / Shaun Kloetzer (67) $87.50
T2: Al Freeman / Ty Kovach (67) $87.50
14 teams competed

Austin Griffith / Jason Hall Hole #1 (6) $93.33
Dennis Berkheimer / Bob Berkheimer Hole #2 (5) $93.33
Dennis Berkheimer / Bob Berkheimer Hole #9 (7) $93.33


Mike Simpson$761.16$367.83$393.33
Vaughn Snyder$668.91$518.91$150.00
Dave Snyder$618.08$468.08$150.00
Dave Oates$542.51$465.01$77.50
Sam Spino$542.51$465.01$77.50
Jim Krivanek$541.92$217.92$324.00
John Karamas$532.72$137.72$395.00
Shaun Kloetzer$532.72$137.72$395.00
Bobby Spino$485.18$313.85$171.33
Rob Schustrich$411.50$411.50$0.00
Allen Freeman$400.34$400.34$0.00
Ty Kovach$382.09$382.09$0.00
Jimmy Wild$380.34$124.01$256.33
Matt Frey$380.34$124.01$256.33
Jason Chadima$329.80$109.80$220.00
Mike Armour$329.80$109.80$220.00
Ken Koprivec$311.76$232.26$79.50
Dan Marr$311.35$183.35$128.00
Jeff Dean$289.18$199.18$90.00
Rick Bryson$289.18$199.18$90.00
John Kabasky$269.91$243.91$26.00
Shayne Bishop$252.71$173.21$79.50
Mitch Levengood$247.67$247.67$0.00
Mike Myers$231.25$41.25$190.00
Shane Nalepa$231.25$41.25$190.00
Bobby Harmon$229.88$79.88$150.00
Eric Coleman$229.88$79.88$150.00
Chris Okeson$182.08$182.08$0.00
Dennis Berkheimer$166.83$73.50$93.33
Bernie Chupek$149.00$75.00$74.00
Bob Berkheimer$148.08$54.75$93.33
Dylan Erks$108.75$18.75$90.00
Chris Helaney$102.50$75.00$27.50
Colton Vincelette$82.75$18.75$64.00
John Toth$80.33$37.00$43.33
Austin Griffith$74.17$0.00$74.17
Jason Hall$74.17$0.00$74.17
Mike Atkinson$68.75$18.75$50.00
Kevin Larizza$61.58$18.25$43.33
Jeff Mallette$59.05$59.05$0.00
Kyle Jones$50.83$50.83$0.00
Kevin Breen$50.00$0.00$50.00
Zach Drukenbrod$46.50$0.00$46.50
Aaron Apticar$26.00$0.00$26.00
Anthony Morazzi$18.75$18.75$0.00
JJ Grabowski$12.50$12.50$0.00
Pat Carruth$12.50$12.50$0.00
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