Chippewa Monday Scratch League17 more weather weeks like the first and the 2019 Chippewa 2-Man Scratch League season would be something glorious!

A field of 19 teams competed in Week 1 in Doylestown, and the back nine scramble event finished under a three-way tie at the top.

But starting up exaclty where they left off, 2018 Leaderboard winner Mike Simpson and his partner Jim Krivanek made an eagle-3 on their very first hole of the season, the par-5 tenth, to jump to the top of the 2019 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard with a skins win.

The horse race has begun…

Week 1 Results:
2019 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Scramble: Back 9
Monday, May 06, 2019

T1: Chris Okeson / Rob Schustrich (31) $181.65
T1: Vaughn Snyder / Dave Snyder (31) $181.65
T1: Ty Kovach / Allen Freeman (31) $181.65
19 teams competed

Skins: $380
Mike Simpson / Jim Krivanek #10 (Eagle 3) $380.00

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