In a tooting-our-own-horn story back in mid-July, we noted an increase in traffic for 2018. Based on the bump, we estimated that the site might reach 100,000 unique visitors* for the year, a nice result.

Man, that was a blown call.

As of November 28th, the site has already reached 114,856 unique visitors for 2018, with 261,606 sessions and 596,518 page views.

So now we project 120,000 unique users for 2018. Heck, maybe even a few more.

Why do we bring this up?

Because it’s time for businesses and entrepreneurs to check out the 2019 advertising and sponsorship options that are now posted. It’s a perfect way to reach Greater Cleveland golfers in an affordable way. So please consider this site for a small part of next year’s marketing budget…

* – unique visitors is a singular count of individual users by IP/device, many of whom come back multiple times (sessions) and look at multiple stories (page views).

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