2018 Fox Den Big Skins: 5/30 Results

2018 Fox Den Big Skins Game Results
Fox Den Golf Course, Stow
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Front 9 Skins: $70 each
Eddy Norman #1 birdie 3
Joe Vojtko #3 birdie 2
Brad Hotchkiss #4 bridie 3
Eddy Norman #5 birdie 2
Tyler McHugh #7 eagle 3

Back 9 Skins: $65 each
Tyler McHugh #10 birdie 3
Joe Vojtko #15 birdie 3
Tyler McHugh #18 birdie 3

The Fox Den Wednesday Big Skins Game is a weekly series in Stow featuring two different skins events every Wednesday afternoon: the First Nine $20 Big Skins Game has tee times between 2:30p – 3:00p; and the larger field Second Nine $20 Big Skins Game (run separately but in conjunction with a scratch league) offers tee times between 5:00p – 6:00p. No pre-registration is required; simply check in at the pro shop for one or both nines and you will be grouped with other players.

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