Greater Cleveland Amateur Golf ChampionshipCleveland Metroparks Golf announces the current list of exempt players for the 2018 Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship, which will be played at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Brecksville on August 10-12th.

Below is a list of the categories for exemption and all of the players who have earned a spot through each of those categories. A final few of the categories are still to be filled in the next few weeks, also listed below.

These exempt players can join those who qualify for the Cleveland Am via the four upcoming Course Championships over two consecutive weekends: Manakiki and Shawnee Hills July 14-15; and Sleepy Hollow and Big Met July 21-22.

Exempt players can sign up online for these Course Championships for $110 and then pay $10 at those events to confirm they are coming to the GCAC.

Exempt players skipping the Course Championships can sign up and pay $120 either on-line or at any of the qualifier host courses.



GCAC Past Champions
Scott Piesen
John Niedzialek
Brad Steven
Doug Hauenstein
Norton Brick
Matt Marino
Ryan Stefanski
Taylor Zoller
Howard Clendenin
Matthew McAdoo

2017 GCAC Top 10
Matthew McAdoo
Ryan Stefanski
Andrew Bailey
Howard Clendenin
Charles Milo
A.J. Borisa
Doug Barber
Jimmy Wild
Eric Wonkovich
Nick Anagnost
Bryan Yeo

2017 CMP Player of the Year Top 3
Jason Jendre
Steve Blackburn Jr.
Jack Garswood

GCAC Senior Champions Last 4 Years
2017 Jim Hercheck
2016 Allen Freeman
2015 Tim Heavner
2014 Michael Mintz

2017 Course Champions
Ryan Stefanski
Tom Wittacker
David Sotka
A.J. Borisa

2017 & 2018 Champion and Runner-Up of Northeast Ohio Am
Robert Schustrich
Zach Mandry
Matthew McAdoo
Tim Skufca
Christopher Doody
Colin Laszlo

2017 & 2018 Champion and Runner-Up of Summit County Am
Howard Clendenin
Maxwell Moldovan
Jonathon Leiser

2017 & 2018 Champion and Runner-Up of Ohio Am
Austin Sipe
Alex Weiss
Grant Godfrey

2017 ADGA Golfer of the Year
Josh Clay

2017 NOGA Player of the Year
Brian Smith

2018 Deferred Exemptions
Allen Freeman
Scott Saari
Jim Schaefer

Committee Exemptions
Johnny Peck

Player of the Year and Association Exemptions as of July 1, 2018

2018 CMP Player of the Year Top 5
David Sotka
Matt Paterini
Niko Anagnost
Ryan Augustitus
Allen Freeman

2018 Senior CMP Player of the Year Top 3
Allen Freeman
Mark Borlin
Steve Blackburn Sr.
Mark Foss

2018 NOGA Player of the Year Top 3
Brian Smith
Daniel Malloy
Chris Okeson

2018 CMP Stroke Play Winners
Matt Paterini

2018 ADGA Stroke Play Winners
Jimmy Wild

2018 NOGA Stroke Play Winners
Chris Okeson

Yet to be Determined:
WAGR Top 1500
Current Club Champions
2018 Senior GCAC Top 5
2018 Ohio Am Winner and Runner-up
2018 Summit County Am Winner and Runner-Up

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