2018 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 6 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

In Monday’s Shamble Combined Score format in the Chippewa Scratch League, there were some freakish plays.

Jeff Dean and Rick Bryson made double-birdies on both par-3 holes on the front nine.

Allen Freeman and Ty Kovach drove it onto the green of the par-4 seventh hole and then made eagle-birdie.

A third freakish result: Ken Koprivec and Shayne Bishop made eagle-eagle on the par-5 third hole. A skin, of course.

The first two feats were the difference-makers in Week 6 of the 2018 Chippewa Scratch League series.

The both-par-3-double-birdies was good for two skins for Dean/Bryson, while Freeman/Kovach earned a skin for their freakish drive-a-par-4 hole, too. Both teams finished at 3-under par 67 to tie for first place as well.

With six skins won on the evening and a tie for first place, it was another week of spreading the wealth around. That makes for a bunched up 2018 Leaderboard…

2018 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Shamble Combined: Front 9
Monday, June 18, 2018

T1st – Freeman/Kovach (67) $138.00
T1st – Dean/Bryson (67) $138.00
3rd – Karamas/Kloetzer (68) $69.00

15 Teams competed

SKINS: $50 ea
Dean/Bryson – Hole #2 (4)
Bishop/Koprivec – Hole #3 (6)
Plouse/Rice – Hole #5 (7)
Dean/Bryson – Hole #6 (4)
Freeman/Kovach – Hole 7 (5)
Jones/Davidson – Hole 8 (7)


Kyle Jones$363.69$112.19$251.50
Shayne Bishop$281.50$200.00$81.50
Dan Marr$268.82$152.32$116.50
Bobby Spino$268.82$152.32$116.50
Ty Kovach$249.69$224.69$25.00
Allen Freeman$249.69$224.69$25.00
Quinn Parker$195.62$25.62$170.00
Ken Koprivec$184.00$102.50$81.50
Shaun Kloetzer$172.70$172.70$0.00
John Karamas$172.70$172.70$0.00
Jeff Dean$165.67$69.00$96.67
Rick Bryson$165.67$69.00$96.67
Mike Simpson$157.17$110.50$46.67
Jim Krivanek$157.17$110.50$46.67
Stephen Guerrier$121.50$65.00$56.50
Jack Marinella$97.50$97.50$0.00
Mike Armour$84.75$9.75$75.00
Jason Chadima$84.75$9.75$75.00
Rob Schustrich$83.75$83.75$0.00
Chris Okeson$83.75$83.75$0.00
Bernie Chupek$75.00$0.00$75.00
Chris Helaney$75.00$0.00$75.00
Josh Widner$69.75$9.75$60.00
Adam Arman$69.75$9.75$60.00
Cliff Griffith$60.00$0.00$60.00
Austin Griffith$60.00$0.00$60.00
Tyler Watkins$56.42$9.75$46.67
Matt Warren$56.42$9.75$46.67
Drew Davidson$46.57$21.57$25.00
Raul Mendoza$25.62$25.62$0.00
Russ Rybka$25.62$25.62$0.00
Mike Plouse$25.00$0.00$25.00
Sam Spino$14.50$14.50$0.00
Dave Oates$14.50$14.50$0.00
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