2018 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 3 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

The golf course at Chippewa may have been the winner on Monday, as the Shamble Aggregate Score format allowed no teams to finish under par.

But the team that finished at even par 72, Dan Marr and Bobby Spino, took full advantage of the tough conditions with a big comeback after a horrible start.

In a format where the best tee shot is selected then each player makes a score with his own ball which is then added together for the team score, Marr and Spino butchered the first two par five holes on the back nine and gave brief thought to heading to the parking lot. Good thing they played on, as they turned around their bad start to get back to even par by making birdies on some tough holes, and won one of three skins earned on the session.

The pair ended up splitting $352.50 for the evening, jumping them up to second position on the 2018 Leaderboard.

There is no League play next Monday, as the series is off for Memorial Day. Play resumes on Monday, June 4th…

2018 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Shamble Aggregate Score – Back 9
Monday, May 21, 2018

1st – Dan Marr/Bob Spino (72) – $232.50
T2 – John Karamas/Shaun Kloetzer (73) – $116.25
T2 – Chris Okeson/Rob Schustrich (73) – $116.25
18 Teams competed

Hole #13 Josh Widner/Adam Arman (7) – $120
Hole #14 Dan Marr/Bob Spino (7) – $120
Hole #18 Austin Griffith/Cliff Griffith (7) – $120


Kyle Jones$217.19$47.19$170.00
Dan Marr$197.82$137.82$60.00
Bobby Spino$197.82$137.82$60.00
Quinn Parker$195.62$25.62$170.00
Mike Simpson$132.92$86.25$46.67
Jim Krivanek$132.92$86.25$46.67
Shayne Bishop$102.50$102.50$0.00
Ken Koprivec$102.50$102.50$0.00
Rob Schustrich$83.75$83.75$0.00
Chris Okeson$83.75$83.75$0.00
Shaun Kloetzer$79.70$79.70$0.00
John Karamas$79.70$79.70$0.00
Josh Widner$60.00$0.00$60.00
Cliff Griffith$60.00$0.00$60.00
Adam Arman$60.00$0.00$60.00
Austin Griffith$60.00$0.00$60.00
Ty Kovach$47.19$47.19$0.00
Allen Freeman$47.19$47.19$0.00
Jeff Dean$46.67$0.00$46.67
Rick Bryson$46.67$0.00$46.67
Tyler Watkins$46.67$0.00$46.67
Matt Warren$46.67$0.00$46.67
Raul Mendoza$25.62$25.62$0.00
Russ Rybka$25.62$25.62$0.00
Drew Davidson$21.57$21.57$0.00
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