2017 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 5 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueRaul Mendoza and Russ Rybka crushed the field in the Better Ball format in Week 5 of the Chippewa Scratch League.

And for good measure, they took most of the skins pot just to make a statement.

Mendoza and Rybka won by a whopping three shots in four ball on the back nine, shooting a 5-under par score of 31 on a hot, windy afternoon with the golf course firming up.

They did so with three skins winners, too: an eagle on the par-5 11th and birdies on the tough 16th and 17th holes.

Their big haul jumped the pair into the T8 position on the 2017 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard, updated below.

John Karamas and Shaun Kloetzer finished alone in second place at 34, and also nabbed one skin…

2017 Chippewa Scratch League
Week 5 Results – 06/12/2017

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown
Better Ball: Back 9

1st Place – Russ Rykba / Raul Mendoza (31) $202.50
2nd Place – John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer (34) $121.50
T3rd Place – Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson (35) $27.00
T3rd Place – Rob Schustrich / Chris Okeson (35) $27.00
T3rd Place – Matt Warren / Tyler Watkins (35) $27.00

16 teams competed

Matt Warren / Tyler Watkins – #10 (3) $64.00
Russ Rykba / Raul Mendoza – #11 (3) $64.00
John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer – #14 (3) $64.00
Russ Rykba / Raul Mendoza – #16 (3) $64.00
Russ Rykba / Raul Mendoza – #17 (2) $64.00


Allen Freeman$535.50$355.50$180.00
Ty Kovach$535.50$355.50$180.00
Sam Spino$431.50$301.50$130.00
Dave Oates$319.00$189.00$130.00
Rob Schustrich$211.75$141.75$70.00
Mark Thomas$200.50$130.50$70.00
Raul Mendoza$197.25$101.25$96.00
Russ Rybka$197.25$101.25$96.00
Tyler Watkins$155.50$13.50$142.00
Chris Okeson$123.75$123.75$0.00
Ken Koprivec$120.00$0.00$120.00
Shayne Bishop$120.00$0.00$120.00
Dennis Berkheimer$112.50$112.50$0.00
Matt Warren$95.50$13.50$82.00
John Karamas$92.75$60.75$32.00
Shaun Kloetzer$92.75$60.75$32.00
Jeff Dean$81.50$31.50$50.00
Rick Bryson$81.50$31.50$50.00
Mitch Levengood$74.25$74.25$0.00
Tim Hepner$74.25$74.25$0.00
Adam Arman$70.00$0.00$70.00
Bernie Chupek$70.00$0.00$70.00
Josh Widner$70.00$0.00$70.00
Tyler McHugh$60.00$0.00$60.00
Bobby Spino$56.25$56.25$0.00
Dan Marr$56.25$56.25$0.00

The Chippewa Scratch League is a weekly 9-hole 2-player team series played every Monday from 4-6p in Doylestown. It is open to all amateurs any week of the season, and features rotating formats of scramble, better ball and shamble with a team skins game. League details here >

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