2016 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 8 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameTwenty-three players made it out to Madison Country Club under ideal conditions in Week 8 of the Greater Cleveland Skins Game.

A boatload of skins were out.

Kevin Leymaster used some home course knowledge to grab the first skin with a birdie on the uphill 400 yard par-four 2nd hole.

Nick Anagnost took home a skin on the relatively short par-four 3rd hole with a birdie.

Joey Didonato then stole a skin with a birdie on the easy par-five 6th hole.

Then the fireworks started as Dave Sotka holed out his second shot on the 410 yard par-four 7th hole. Sotka hit a nine iron from 133 yards that went 6 inches down into the cup for a skin.

Doug Barber then made eagle on the par-five 8th hole for a skin.

And Steve Blackburn Jr. ended the night with a birdie skin on the 200-yard 9th hole.

Skins were worth $88.16 each.

Pin shot winners were George Smiltins for $69 on the 135 yard 4th hole and Nick Anagnost on the 9th hole with the Mulligans Pin Shot worth $92.

With his second double-dip in as many weeks, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game has a new leader sitting on top of the 2016 Leaderboard: Nick Anagnost!

Next week, the Skins Game travels to Chardon Lakes for a 5pm start. THIS IS A DOUBLE-DOWN EVENT: players must have competed at least two or more times this season to play next week, and the entry fee is doubled to $64 + golf…


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Nick Anagnost$570.663$436.662$134.00
Brian Perkins$480.002$480.00 
Jim Krivanek$462.002$345.002$117.00
Dan Predovic$314.002$314.00 
Steve Blackburn Jr$296.663$260.661$36.00
Joey DiDonato$290.822$233.821$57.00
Dave Sotka$271.162$157.162$114.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$221.661$145.661$76.00
Bill Speirs$213.661$145.661$68.00
Erron Gomez$207.001$207.00 
Mike Angie$135.001$107.001$28.00
Mark Foss$126.00 3$126.00
Kevin Leymaster$88.161$88.16 
Mark White$84.00 1$84.00
George Smiltins$69.00 1$69.00
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