2016 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 15 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe Skins Game headed to Legend Lakes Country Club on a hot evening, and Chris Okeson had a hot night himself.

Okeson double-dipped, grabbing the Mulligan’s Pin Shot on the 200-yard 17th hole for $76 and then making the birdie skin for another $228.50.

Gary Santore from Auburn Twp. was the other skin winner with birdie on the 350-yard 11th hole worth $228.50.

Joey DiDonato had the pin shot on the 15th hole worth $57.

Dan Predovic still leads the pack in the chase for the 2016 Thompson Cup!

Next week the Greater Cleveland Skins Game moves to Manikiki Golf Course in Willoughby Hills for a 5 pm start…


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Dan Predovic$966.004$912.001$54.00
Erron Gomez$765.002$621.001$144.00
Nick Anagnost$754.664$620.662$134.00
Dave Sotka$708.164$594.162$114.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$596.165$433.164$163.00
Brian Perkins$528.002$480.001$48.00
Jim Krivanek$526.002$345.003$181.00
Joey DiDonato$451.323$337.322$114.00
Mike Angie$394.663$275.663$119.00
Bill Speirs$313.322$245.321$68.00
Chris Okeson$304.501$228.501$76.00
Kevin Leymaster$263.662$191.661$72.00
Gary Santore$228.501$228.50
Steve Blackburn Sr$221.661$145.661$76.00
John Niedzialek$203.162$203.16
Mark Foss$126.003$126.00
Jarrod Dixon$108.001$108.00
Doug Barber$88.161$88.16
Mark White$84.001$84.00
George Smiltins$69.001$69.00
Greg Coben$48.001$48.00
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