2016 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 10 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameStorms moved into Geauga County Thursday evening, making the turn-out a light one at Punderson State Park Golf Course for Week 10.

But there was still one big winner for the week.

Dave Sotka birdied the par-four 1st hole for a skin.

Mike Angie birdied the par-four second hole for a skin there.

But it was Steve Blackburn Jr. who took home the bulk of the money. Blackburn birdied the difficult par-four 8th hole for the last skin of the night.

Skins were worth $69 each.

Blackburn also took home both pin shots: on the 165-yard 7th hole worth $27, and the Mulligan’s Pin Shot on the 170-yard 9th hole worth $36.

Thank you to the Punderson staff for offering our players the $16 fee which included the cart!

Erron Gomez sill leads the pack in the chase for the 2016 Thompson Cup.

Next week, the Great Cleveland Skins Game moves to Erie Shores Golf Course in Madison starting 5pm offering our players a great green fee rate.



PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Erron Gomez$765.002$621.001$144.00
Dan Predovic$728.003$728.00
Nick Anagnost$570.663$436.662$134.00
Brian Perkins$480.002$480.00
Jim Krivanek$462.002$345.002$117.00
Steve Blackburn Jr$428.664$329.663$99.00
Dave Sotka$340.163$226.162$114.00
Joey DiDonato$290.822$233.821$57.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$221.661$145.661$76.00
Bill Speirs$213.661$145.661$68.00
Mike Angie$204.002$176.001$28.00
Mark Foss$126.003$126.00
Jarrod Dixon$108.001$108.00
Kevin Leymaster$88.161$88.16
Doug Barber$88.161$88.16
Mark White$84.001$84.00
George Smiltins$69.001$69.00
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