2016 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 3 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueTheir score: eye-popping, double-take stuff.

Mike Simpson and Jim Krivanek paired together in the Shamble format for a barn-burning 6-under par 64 on the front nine of Chippewa in Week 3 of the Scratch League.

(The Shamble format is where both players tee off, pick the best shot, then play their own ball in from there for a combined total team score.)

Neither player made a bogey on the evening.

They won by a whopping SIX SHOTS. In nine holes.

And they also nabbed one of three skins won on the evening from a big carry-over skins pot.

Yep, a big evening.

With that big evening, Simpson and Krivanek have vaulted them to the top of the 2016 Leaderboard…


2016 Chippewa Scratch League
Shamble Combined Score, Front 9
Monday, May 16, 2016

Mike Simpson / Jim Krivanek 64 (-6) $235
Shayne Bishop / Mike Armour 70 (E) $140
Al Freeman/ Ty Kovach 71 (+1) $95

17 Teams Competed

SKINS: $263 ea
Todd Haynes / Tim Eames – Score 6, Hole #1
Mark Thomas / Tom Seever – Score 5, Hole #2
Mike Simpson / Jim Krivanek – Score 7, Hole #4



Mike Simpson$312.75$181.25$131.50
Jim Krivanek$264.25$132.75$131.50
Dan Marr$238.50$48.50$190.00
Bobby Spino$238.50$48.50$190.00
Shayne Bishop$168.00$168.00
Mark Thomas$146.75$15.25$131.50
Tom Seever$146.75$15.25$131.50
Todd Haynes$131.50$131.50
Tim Eames$131.50$131.50
Mike Armour$118.50$118.50
Rob Schustrich$109.00$109.00
Chris Okeson$109.00$109.00
Ken Koprivec$98.00$98.00
Ty Kovach$96.00$96.00
Allen Freeman$96.00$96.00
Sam Spino$48.50$48.50
Dave Oates$48.50$48.50
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