2016 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 11 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueThere were four newsworthy items in Week 11 of the 2016 Chippewa Scratch League:

Mike Armour and Jason Chadima finished on top in the Better Ball format at 3-under par;

Rob Schustrich and Chris Okeson were the big winners on the evening, sharing second place honors and winning one of two skins on the night;

– the Berkheimer brothers, Bob and Dennis, won the evening’s other skin with a mere birdie at the short par-4 7th hole;

– and the multiple week top-3 finishes streak of Shayne Bishop and Ken Koprivec came to an end, simply because Ken couldn’t make it to the Week 11 event. The pair still sit atop the 2016 Leaderboard, so candidly it will be no surprise if a new streak starts next week.

Next Monday, August 1st will be the first Steak Night of the 2016 season! Remember to bring some extra cash, as the 3/3/3 format entry fee is $50 ($10 for each 3-hole segment, $10 for total score which is covered if you prepaid for the season, and $10 for skins) + a crazy-low $15 for a top-notch steak dinner (did you tell the pro shop to order a steak for you?), + $20 for golf and cart.

All amateur teams are welcome, so get over to Chippy next week! A HUGE field is expected with a five giant prize pots in play for this Steak Night extravaganza, which could lead to some big moves up and down the leaderboard…

RESULTS: Chippewa Scratch League Week 11
Front 9 – Better Ball
Monday, July 25, 2016

1st – Mike Armour / Jason Chadima 32 $167.50
T2 – Rob Schustrich / Chris Okeson 33 $83.75
T2 – Allen Freeman / Tyler Watkins 33 $83.75
Total Teams: 13

Rob Schustrich / Chris Okeson (3) #9 $130.00
Dennis Berkheimer / Bob Berkheimer (3) #7 $130.00


Shayne Bishop$769.12$631.62$137.50
Ken Koprivec$699.12$561.62$137.50
Bobby Spino$464.88$169.88$295.00
Mike Simpson$456.50$283.75$172.75
Sam Spino$456.00$266.00$190.00
Dan Marr$423.00$128.00$295.00
Allen Freeman$411.13$319.88$91.25
Mike Armour$410.25$263.75$146.50
Jim Krivanek$366.75$235.25$131.50
Ty Kovach$327.37$236.12$91.25
Dave Oates$260.62$175.62$85.00
Rob Schustrich$215.88$150.88$65.00
Chris Okeson$215.88$150.88$65.00
Tyler Watkins$211.76$171.76$40.00
Bernie Chupek$205.00$165.00$40.00
Jason Chadima$195.25$145.25$50.00
Rob Cunningham$186.50$186.50
Jeff Barbas$186.50$186.50
Raul Mendoza$185.75$88.00$97.75
Matt Warren$169.88$129.88$40.00
Chris Helaney$157.12$60.62$96.50
Mark Thomas$146.75$15.25$131.50
Tom Seever$146.75$15.25$131.50
Todd Haynes$131.50$131.50
Tim Eames$131.50$131.50
Zach Drukenbrod$129.25$88.00$41.25
Rick Bryson$125.88$85.88$40.00
Jeff Dean$106.50$106.50
Josh Widner$80.00$80.00
Adam Arman$80.00$80.00
Bob Berkheimer$65.00$65.00
Dennis Berkheimer$65.00$65.00
Dave Petracca$62.50$62.50
JP Jones$62.50$62.50
Jim Grasso$56.50$56.50
John Karamas$52.50$52.50
Shaun Kloetzer$52.50$52.50
Brian Vincelette$41.88$41.88
Dave Trier$41.25$41.25
John Ketcham$41.25$41.25
Ryan Lowe$41.25$41.25
Brian Smith$22.00$22.00
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