2016 Chippewa Championship: Round 1 Results

John Kabasky
John Kabasky
John Kabasky makes a 20-footer for birdie at the 14th in Round 1 of the 2016 Chippewa Championship.

Chippewa ChampionshipBoth the Chippewa Golf Club course and the late summer weather were nearly perfect on Saturday for round one of the 2016 Chippewa Championship in Doylestown — and the lower than normal scores reflected that perfection.

John Kabasky grabbed the lead after 18 holes with a 2-under par 69, and the rest of the field should consider itself lucky that they are still within striking distance.

Kabasky rolled home putt after putt, including a long birdie putt on the tough par-4 14th and another birdie at the 15th to get it to 5-under par on the day. Kabasky looked to be headed to a scorching round.

But a rinsed second shot at the 16th led to a triple bogey and left a chance for his pursuers on Sunday.

Howard Clendenin and Shaun Kloetzer each shot 1-under par 70 on Saturday.

A pack of 17 players sits right behind the top three at just a few strokes over par, all within striking distance for Sunday’s final round.

But of equal importance: there were NO OUTRIGHT SKINS won on Saturday! That means all of the big skins money pushes over to Sunday’s final round, a huge pot waiting to be won…

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Shayne Bishop
Shayne Bishop heads to the hole on the 16th to get his ball after draining a 45-foot birdie putt!

Chippewa ChampionshipROUND 1 RESULTS:
2016 Chippewa Championship

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown | Par 71
Saturday, August 27, 2015

John Kabasky 69
Shaun Kloetzer 70
Howard Clendenin 70
Allen Freeman 72
Kenny Koprivec 72
Brian Smith 72
Aaron Crewse 72
Jason Chadima 73
Chris Okeson 73
Shayne Bishop 74
John Fryman 74
Ty Kovach 74
Phil Bojc 75
Dennis Berkeimer 76
Jeff Godzah 76
Fred Miller 76
Rob Schustrich 76
Mike Simpson 76
Mark Thomas 76
Dave Trier 76
Bob Blaze 77
Aaron Detwiler 77
Jim Krivanek 77
Kevan Sloan 77
Tim Hepner 78
Russ Rypka 78
Rob Chapman 79
Nick Fiore 79
Doug Fleming 79
Chris Helaney 79
Dan Marr 79
Raul Mendoza 79
Ken Troutman 79
Tyler Watkins 79
Matt Gasser 80
Tom Kloetzer 80
Tim Cebula 80
Tim Straka 80
Tom Stiller 80
Rick Kinkela 81
Mitch Levingood 81
Alex Lofth 81
Ray McNiece 81
Patrick Shultz 81
Rick Smith 81
Ron Cunningham 82
Louis Ule Jr 82
Mike Armour 83
Brian Sovak 83
Zach Drukenbrod 84
Kirk Frey 84
Drew Sager 84
Dan Straka 84
Cliff Griffith 84
Brian Huntley 85
Mark Schneider 85
Rob Loomis 86
Jason Miller 86
Jim Niskanen 86
Dan Terry 86
Adam Wahl 86
Kevin Breen 86
Josh Widner 86
Todd Kolarik 88
Jeff Wenger 88
Bernie Chupek 89
Austin Griffith 90
Zach Van Risen 90
Bob Cornelius 92
Tom Ream 92
Kevin Porvaznik 94
George Feruson 96
Alex Mauer 96
Landon Palay 97
Mike Stefko 105
Mike Potosky 108
John Sullivan 134
Jay Grissom NC
Kevin Larizza WD
Adam Jones WD
Brian Schultz WD
Luke Williams WD
Jeff Mirelli WD

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