2015 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 23

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameMark FossMark Foss of Mayfield Hts. made the third hole-in-one in the 25 year history of the Greater Cleveland Skins Game Thursday night at Legend Lakes.

Foss aced the 145-yard 15th hole using a 7-iron for a skin.

The only other aces is the 25 year history of the game came by John Niedzialek and Bill Speirs, both at the same 13th hole at Fowlers Mill. Congratulations to Foss!

The other skin-winner on the night was season-leader Steve Blackburn Jr., on the 18th hole with a birdie.

Skins paid $103.50 each.

So Foss was unable to gain any ground in the race for the Thompson Cup on the skins side — but there were the pin shots.

Foss’s hole-in-one pin shot paid $27.00.

The Mulligan’s Pin Shot on the 195-yard 17th hole was a dead heat that also included Foss: Joey DiDonato and Foss tied on the distance there and were paid $18 each.

Three weeks to go to decide the 2015 Thompson Cup Winner! The Skins Game travels to Little Mountain CC next Thursday with a 4:30 start…


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$1,452.6310$1,128.636$324.00
Mark Foss$1,161.006$966.004$195.00
Dave Sotka$991.468$759.965$231.50
Joey DiDonato$641.834$319.837$322.00
George Smiltins$614.504$494.501$120.00
Mike Dota$587.003$451.002$136.00
Bill Speirs$576.634$468.631$108.00
Nick Anagnost$482.331$205.334$277.00
Mike Angie$468.503$304.502$164.00
Larry Kerns$468.001$299.003$169.00
Jerry Miller$444.003$444.00
John Niedzialek$428.103$338.101$90.00
Brian Perkins$355.502$212.002$143.50
Brian Pentek$274.002$217.001$57.00
Gary Santore$255.002$255.00
Jack Garswood$205.331$205.33
Phil Bojc$180.002$138.001$42.00
Bob Karshner$177.002$138.001$39.00
Mark Ciccarello$172.501$172.50
John Schmidt$172.501$172.50
Rob Schustrich$115.001$115.00
Erron Gomez$109.001$46.001$63.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$103.331$61.331$42.00
Mark White$81.002$81.00
Kirk Greaves$69.001$69.00
Geoff Nicely$65.001$65.00
Jarrod Dixon$61.331$61.33
Ed Marisek$38.501$38.50


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