2015 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 16 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameTwenty six players competed in the Greater Cleveland Skins Game on Thursday at Manikiki Golf Course under ideal conditions. The greens were quick, getting ready for the Cleveland Am competition to follow. And at the end of the night all skins tied out.

Larry Kerns was in the driver’s seat sitting in the clubhouse with the only skin with a birdie on the 17th hole. But Mark White, playing in the last group, tied him off making it a no skin night.

All players will receive $23 back; contact Skins Game Director John Niedzialek by phone to arrange for refund: 440-749-7415.

Holes 10, 11, and 14 were left open with no birdies made.

Pin shot winners were Larry Kerns on the 11th for $78 and Mike Angie with the Mulligan’s pin shot on 15 for $104.

Next week is a “Double Down” event where the stakes are doubled, to a $60 entry fee. The event will be played at Fowlers Mill Golf Course in Chesterland starting at 5pm. To compete at this special event, players must have played in 4 or more events already this year.



PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$891.136$648.134$243.00
Mark Foss$840.004$690.002$150.00
Dave Sotka$644.305$464.804$179.50
Mike Dota$518.002$382.002$136.00
Bill Speirs$515.303$407.301$108.00
Nick Anagnost$482.331$205.334$277.00
Larry Kerns$468.001$299.003$169.00
Jerry Miller$444.003$444.00
George Smiltins$322.003$322.00
Brian Pentek$274.002$217.001$57.00
Mike Angie$270.502$166.501$104.00
Gary Santore$255.002$255.00
Brian Perkins$208.501$65.002$143.50
Jack Garswood$205.331$205.33
Joey DiDonato$180.502$120.501$60.00
Phil Bojc$180.002$138.001$42.00
Mark Ciccarello$172.501$172.50
John Schmidt$172.501$172.50
John Niedzialek$165.602$165.60
Erron Gomez$109.001$46.001$63.00
Mark White$81.002$81.00
Geoff Nicely$65.001$65.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$42.001$42.00
Ed Marisek$38.501$38.50
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