2015 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 14 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameLast year’s Thompson Cup champion, Steve Blackburn Jr., retook this season’s lead after a two skin evening at Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison.

Blackburn Jr. birdied the 390-yard par four 3rd hole and had the only birdie on the 500-yard par five 4th hole.

Dave Sotka also won a skin on the 155-yard par three 5th hole and double-dipped with a pin shot there.

Brian Perkins had a skin on the short par four 6th hole with a birdie. Perkins also had the pin shot on the difficult par three 8th hole.

Geoff Nicely also had a skin on the short par four 7th hole with a birdie.

And Brian Pentek birdied the long par four 9th hole for a skin.

A total of 6 skins were won, paying $65.00 each. The pin shots paid $59.50 each.

Next week, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game moves to Legend Lakes Golf Club in Chardon with a 5:30p start.

NOTE: this week marks the middle of the season where the top 5 players gain exemption into this year’s Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship, to be played at Manikiki in August. The top 5 Cleveland Skins amateurs from our Leaderboard are: Steve Blackburn Jr.; Mark Foss; Dave Sotka; Nick Anagnost; and Larry Kerns. Good luck to everyone in the Cleveland Am!!!


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$891.136$648.134$243.00
Mark Foss$840.004$690.002$150.00
Dave Sotka$644.305$464.804$179.50
Nick Anagnost$482.331$205.334$277.00
Jerry Miller$444.003$444.00
Larry Kerns$390.001$299.002$91.00
Bill Speirs$363.302$255.301$108.00
George Smiltins$322.003$322.00
Mike Dota$290.001$230.001$60.00
Gary Santore$255.002$255.00
Brian Perkins$208.501$65.002$143.50
Jack Garswood$205.331$205.33
Joey DiDonato$180.502$120.501$60.00
Phil Bojc$180.002$138.001$42.00
Mark Ciccarello$172.501$172.50
John Schmidt$172.501$172.50
Mike Angie$166.502$166.50
John Niedzialek$165.602$165.60
Erron Gomez$109.001$46.001$63.00
Mark White$81.002$81.00
Brian Pentek$65.001$65.00
Geoff Nicely$65.001$65.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$42.001$42.00
Ed Marisek$38.501$38.50
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