118 Kids to Drive, Chip & Putt Sectionals Sunday

Drive Chip and Putt

Drive Chip and Putt118 kids ages 7 to 15 will head to Westfield Country Club this Sunday to see who gets to go to Regionals at Oakmont Country Club for the 2016 Drive, Chip and Putt competition, the finals of which will be held at Augusta National next April.

Those 118 competitors earned their way to Westfield CC by winning a spot from one of five local qualifiers held throughout Northeast Ohio.

On Sunday, the top two from each age division for boys and girls listed below will head to Oakmont:

Starting TimeAge DivisionNameResidence
11:00 AMGirls 14-15Sarah BlumerCanton, OH
11:00 AMGirls 14-15Natalie WelshValencia, PA
11:06 AMGirls 14-15Molly BennettHolland, OH
11:06 AMGirls 14-15Grace GaoSolon, OH
11:06 AMGirls 14-15Katerina KleinToledo, OH
11:12 AMGirls 14-15Rebecca GormanPepper Pike, OH
11:12 AMGirls 14-15Samantha HuthBarberton, OH
11:12 AMGirls 14-15Grace ThompsonKent, OH
11:18 AMGirls 14-15Mattison KasperSylvania, OH
11:18 AMGirls 14-15Hadley SpielvogelBoardman, OH
11:18 AMGirls 14-15Samantha TorresOlmsted Township, OH
11:24 AMGirls 14-15Lauren FreyvogelGibsonia, PA
11:24 AMGirls 14-15Meaghan GrantHudson, OH
11:24 AMGirls 14-15Jenna JacobsonPoland, OH
11:30 AMBoys 14-15Keegan ButlerCanfield, OH
11:30 AMBoys 14-15Max WatsonAshland, OH
11:36 AMBoys 14-15Josh DiCarloAmherstburg, Ontario
11:36 AMBoys 14-15Danny MiloMentor, OH
11:36 AMBoys 14-15Charlie TomanChardon, OH
11:42 AMBoys 14-15Cole ChristmanCanfield, OH
11:42 AMBoys 14-15Maxwell MoldovanUniontown, OH
11:42 AMBoys 14-15Thaddaeus WeaverWooster, OH
11:48 AMBoys 14-15James (jay) MagyariSagamore Hills, OH
11:48 AMBoys 14-15Joey VitaliWarren, OH
11:48 AMBoys 14-15Quentin WeddellFindlay, OH
11:54 AMBoys 14-15Noah FrederickFindlay, OH
11:54 AMBoys 14-15Nicholas MondoraPerrysburg, OH
11:54 AMBoys 14-15Trent TiptonOrient, OH
12:00 PMGirls 10-11Payton DonnellyCurtice, OH
12:00 PMGirls 10-11Madison MurphyCanfield, OH
12:00 PMGirls 10-11Caroline TragesserMurrsyville, PA
12:06 PMGirls 10-11Samantha JenkinsCleveland, OH
12:06 PMGirls 10-11Lihini RanaweeraCranberry Twp, PA
12:06 PMGirls 10-11Sophia RosaCanton, OH
12:12 PMGirls 10-11McKenzie GustasHermitage, PA
12:12 PMGirls 10-11Natalie KostalnickStrongsville, OH
12:12 PMGirls 10-11Lauren SwiggumAdrian, MI
12:18 PMGirls 10-11Ella BairdAvon Lake, OH
12:18 PMGirls 10-11Gracie DuPerowStrongsville, OH
12:18 PMGirls 10-11Anna EarlVienna, West VA
12:24 PMGirls 10-11Sophia GiacomelliToronto, Ontario
12:24 PMGirls 10-11Cara HeisterkampWestlake, OH
12:24 PMGirls 10-11Pearl ThurstonOttawa Hills, OH
12:30 PMBoys 10-11Nolan HaynesBarberton, OH
12:30 PMBoys 10-11Andrew WoycikMonclova, OH
12:36 PMBoys 10-11Nicholas PiesenStrongsville, OH
12:36 PMBoys 10-11Jack VojtkoStow, OH
12:42 PMBoys 10-11Joey GemerchakSylvania, OH
12:42 PMBoys 10-11Nathan KellyEast Liverpool, OH
12:42 PMBoys 10-11Jailen VasheeMississauga, Ontario
12:48 PMBoys 10-11Gavin BlazerCranberry Twp, PA
12:48 PMBoys 10-11Sachin NallapaneniCanfield, OH
12:54 PMBoys 10-11Luca CimoroniToronto, Ontario
12:54 PMBoys 10-11Jacob RyanAkron, OH
12:54 PMBoys 10-11Ryan YoderAmherst, OH
1:00 PMBoys 10-11Matthew CostsErie, PA
1:00 PMBoys 10-11Leo KnappMississauga, Ontario
1:00 PMBoys 10-11Dean UpholzerStrongsville, OH
1:06 PMGirls 7-9Kavya ChadaHinckley, OH
1:06 PMGirls 7-9Kate SowersWest Middlesex, PA
1:06 PMGirls 7-9Carly TragesserMurrsyville, PA
1:12 PMGirls 7-9Gianna ClementeWarren, OH
1:12 PMGirls 7-9Marissa ClineFostoria, OH
1:12 PMGirls 7-9Cammy ReedFairview Park, OH
1:18 PMGirls 7-9Alex ConleyYoungstown, OH
1:18 PMGirls 7-9Tory SwiggumAdrian, MI
1:18 PMGirls 7-9Julia ZollingerNorth Canton, OH
1:24 PMGirls 7-9Kennedy DonnellyCurtice, OH
1:24 PMGirls 7-9Lily GualtiereAkron, OH
1:24 PMGirls 7-9Ashlyn LeaveryStreetsboro, OH
1:30 PMGirls 7-9Kate HersheyNorth Ridgeville, OH
1:30 PMGirls 7-9Sarah PatrickOregon, OH
1:30 PMGirls 7-9Ashlyn WoodMassillon, OH
1:36 PMBoys 7-9Bradley ChillColumbia Station, OH
1:36 PMBoys 7-9Camden TremaineColumbus, OH
1:42 PMBoys 7-9Nicholas MillerSylvania, OH
1:42 PMBoys 7-9Elijah SmithFindlay, OH
1:48 PMBoys 7-9Maddux HaynesBarberton, OH
1:48 PMBoys 7-9Henry PhillipsWarren, OH
1:48 PMBoys 7-9Marco SilvaBarberton, OH
1:54 PMBoys 7-9Brayden HeitmeyerPerrysburg, OH
1:54 PMBoys 7-9Jason NealWestlake, OH
2:00 PMBoys 7-9Aaron DidjunasElizabeth Township, PA
2:00 PMBoys 7-9Ian MihalekHudson, OH
2:00 PMBoys 7-9Jonah SchollaertAliquippa, PA
2:06 PMBoys 7-9Kevin DangTwinsburg, OH
2:06 PMBoys 7-9Charlie DanuloffOntario, OH
2:06 PMBoys 7-9Chris PollakAurora, OH
2:12 PMGirls 12-13Annie BennettHolland, OH
2:12 PMGirls 12-13Kyleigh DullFremont, OH
2:12 PMGirls 12-13Madison ReemsnyderCanton, OH
2:18 PMGirls 12-13Jayne BernardYoungstown, OH
2:18 PMGirls 12-13Kira MooreMansfield, OH
2:18 PMGirls 12-13Kaitlin MurphyFairview Park, OH
2:24 PMGirls 12-13Jami MorrisOrange, OH
2:24 PMGirls 12-13Jordan PruittMilan, OH
2:24 PMGirls 12-13Anna WatsonAshland, OH
2:30 PMGirls 12-13Hannah LoganAustintown, OH
2:30 PMGirls 12-13Grace MillsGarrettsville, OH
2:30 PMGirls 12-13Alaina TownesCanton, OH
2:36 PMGirls 12-13Hayley JohnsonParma, OH
2:36 PMGirls 12-13Sydney LeyerleHelena, OH
2:36 PMGirls 12-13Savanna PorterNorth Canton, OH
2:42 PMBoys 12-13Jacob PulsMaumee, OH
2:42 PMBoys 12-13Topher ReedFairview Park, OH
2:42 PMBoys 12-13Garrett VitonMedina, OH
2:48 PMBoys 12-13Benjamin BastaHudson, OH
2:48 PMBoys 12-13Andrew MichalskiWickliffe, OH
2:48 PMBoys 12-13Nathan RogersPerrysburg, OH
2:54 PMBoys 12-13Dean HoyleTwinsburg, OH
2:54 PMBoys 12-13Aidan OehrlePittsburgh, PA
2:54 PMBoys 12-13Solomon PetrieAkron, OH
3:00 PMBoys 12-13Rylie CollinsToledo, OH
3:00 PMBoys 12-13Chasten MaierOxford, MI
3:00 PMBoys 12-13Isaiah SwanNorth East, PA
3:06 PMBoys 12-13Jack BorkeParma, OH
3:06 PMBoys 12-13Drew CovittPepper Pike, OH
3:06 PMBoys 12-13William FankhauserWestlake, OH
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