2015 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 9 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueSam Spino and Dave Oates had a roller-coaster round, but put together enough great holes to come out on top in the mid-summer Rosemont Jumble Edition of the 2015 Chippewa Scratch League.

Oates and Spino finished 1-under par overall to win by two shots, and also tied for first place in the Combined Score segment and the Alternate Shot segment — the latter accomplished with a double bogey and two birdies! They also nabbed two skins on the night to end up the big winners.

Following closely on their heels was the team of Tom Seever and Mark Thomas. They finished in second place overall with 1-over par, and took the Better Ball segment and tied for the top spot in Alternate Shot.

Shane Bishop and Ed Diebold also had a good night, taking the Scramble Segment solo and nabbing two skins in the process.

Ty Kovach and Allen Freeman maintained their top spot on the season-long leaderboard by finishing tied for first in the Combined Score segment and finishing T3 overall.

The League is back at Chippewa for play next Monday…


2015 CHIPPEWA SCRATCH LEAGUE STEAK NIGHT – 3/3/3/3 Format at Rosemont CC
1st- Spino/Oates: 57 (-1) $187.00
2nd- Seever/Thomas: 59 (+1) $95.00
T3rd- Stiller/Helaney: 60 (+2) $28.00
T3rd- Kovach/Freeman: 60 (+2) 28.00

17 teams

Skins: $340.00
Bishop/Diebold: #3 (3) $68.00
Bishop/Diebold: #5 (3) $68.00
Dean/Hockwalt: #8 (5) $68.00
Spino/Oates: #10 (2) $68.00
Spino/Oates: #18 (4) $68.00

Scramble Segment:
Bishop/Diebold: 10 (-2) $170.00

Better Ball Segment:
Seever/Thomas: 9 (-2) $170.00

Combined Segment:
Kovach/Freeman: 23 (-1) $85.00
Spino/Oates: 23 (-1) $85.00

Alternate Segment:
Seever/Thomas: 11 (E) $42.50
Spino/Oates: 11 (E) $42.50
Dean/Hockwalt: 11 (E) $42.50
Hose/Backus: 11 (E) $42.50

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