2015 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 8 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueWith a carry-over skin already in play for Week 8, league director Kevin Larizza made a last-minute change to the entry fee collection that made the two pots even bigger.

Larizza suggested that last week’s rain-out be considered another carry-over, requesting that every player pay into the pot again for this week’s event. That also meant that players who didn’t play the previous two weeks had three entry fees to pay. But no one balked; everyone paid. And with 26 teams in the fold, the pot and skins totals were huge.

At the end of the evening, that made six guys very happy. Two of those guys now sit atop the 2015 Leaderboard.

Shaun Kloetzer and John Karamas posted 4-under par 32 in the Better Ball format on the back nine and held off a whopping six teams who finished one shot behind. Their victory was good for $260 per man and put them into T9 for the season-long chase.

Two of those six second place teams were also lucky enough to each net a skin: Mike Simpson and Jim Krivanek eagled the par-5 11th hole; and Ty Kovach and Allen Freeman made birdie at the 13th hole that held up.

That made those four players the big winners on the night. It also put the four of them squarely at the top of the 2015 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard; Kovach and Freeman now lead the way.

A reminder that next week’s July 13th Chippewa Scratch League event will be a Steak Night held at Rosemont Country Club in Fairlawn. The event will be the 12 hole 3/3/3/3 format, and players will be served steak with all the trimmings after play. (Remember to bring an extra $10 to cover some of the food cost for a meal worth $25!)

RESULTS: 2015 Chippewa Scratch League Week 8 – Better Ball Back 9
1st- Kloetzer/Karamas 32 (-4) $520
T2- Oates/Spino 33 (-3) $86
T2- Cea/Bell 33 (-3) $86
T2- Shustrich/Okeson 33 (-3) $86
T2- Diebold/Bishop 33 (-3) $86
T2- Krivanek/Simpson 33 (-3) $86
T2- Kovach/Freeman 33 (-3) $86

26 Teams

Simpson/Krivanek #11 (Eagle 3) $835.00
Kovach/Freeman #13 (Birdie 3) $835.00

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