2015 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 18 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueTom Seever and Mark Thomas took the Week 18 Chippewa Scratch League event in style on Monday.

And Ty Kovach is not going to be happy when he gets back from Miami.

MT and Seever posted a 1-under par score of 69 on the front nine in the shamble format (both players tee off, pick the best shot, then play their own ball from there for an aggregate). Their score was the only one with an under par total, and it was good for a 2-shot victory over a pair of teams. They also added one of three skins won on the evening with a birdie/par on the first hole to boost their take.

One of the second place teams was Jeff Dean and co-league-money-leader Allen Freeman. Dean and Freeman also nabbed a skin with a birdie/par on the final hole for a second dip into the money pot.

Freeman usually partners with Ty Kovach, but Kovach missed Monday’s event prepping for a trip to Doral Golf Club in Miami. So Freeman takes a solo lead on the 2015 money list with just one week remaining to play: $53 over Kovach; $350 over Simpson.

John Karamas and Shaun Kloetzer duplicated the second place finish of Dean and Freeman, also shooting 71 and nabbing a skin, making a pair of pars on the fifth hole that was good enough to get the job done.

The final official event of the season is this coming Monday, September 28th, and it’s going to be a steak night double-down doozie. The format and increased payouts could greatly sway the final 2015 Leaderboard. Complete details here. Get a partner and get out to Chippewa next Monday afternoon…


2015 CHIPPEWA MONDAY SCRATCH LEAGUE: Week 18 Results – Front Nine Shamble
1st Mark Thomas / Tom Seever 69 (-1) $120
T2 Allen Freeman / Jeff Dean 71 (+1) $40
T2 John Karamas / Shaun Kloetzer 71 (+1) $40
10 Teams

SKINS: $66 ea
Thomas / Seever 7 #1
Karamas / Kloetzer 8 #5
Dean / Freeman 7 #9



Al Freeman$480.24$848.00$1,328.24
Ty Kovach$460.24$815.00$1,275.24
Mike Simpson$393.33$585.50$978.83
Sam Spino$609.24$185.50$794.74
Jim Krivanek$229.58$548.00$777.58
Shane Bishop$485.90$273.00$758.90
Ed Diebold$319.90$233.00$552.90
Mark Thomas$303.75$233.00$536.75
Dave Oates$403.24$108.00$511.24
Jeff Dean$169.75$227.00$396.75
Chris Okeson$324.08$37.50$361.58
Rob Schustrich$324.08$37.50$361.58
Jim Hockwalt$149.75$194.00$343.75
Tom Seever$303.75$33.00$336.75
Shaun Kloetzer$280.00$33.00$313.00
John Karamas$280.00$33.00$313.00
Blake Doty$84.00$180.00$264.00
Steve Bednar$84.00$180.00$264.00
Jason Chadima$185.82$75.00$260.82
Joe Flossie$136.00$82.50$218.50
Rick Smith$136.00$82.50$218.50
Mike Armour$129.16$75.00$204.16
Bobby Spino$163.32$37.50$200.82
Mark Honeycutt$0.00$200.00$200.00
Noriaki Yukimura$56.66$127.50$184.16
Mike Beaulieu$56.66$127.50$184.16
Bernie Chupek$0.00$157.50$157.50
Mike Hose$121.25$0.00$121.25
Dave Petracca$0.00$117.50$117.50
Cliff Griffith$0.00$85.00$85.00
Austin Griffith$0.00$85.00$85.00
Jack Marinelli$0.00$80.00$80.00
Kyle Oyler$0.00$80.00$80.00
Kurt Peterson$40.00$37.50$77.50
Dennis Berkheimer$16.50$46.50$63.00
Louis Sliwiak$16.50$46.50$63.00
Chris Helaney$14.00$40.00$54.00
Russ Rybka$7.50$40.00$47.50
Raul Mendoza$7.50$40.00$47.50
Jim Cea$43.33$0.00$43.33
Ronnie Bell$43.33$0.00$43.33
Ken Koprivec$37.50$0.00$37.50
Jeff Mallette$37.50$0.00$37.50
Mike Shisler$22.66$0.00$22.66
Kory Hull$22.66$0.00$22.66
Mike Backus$21.25$0.00$21.25
Quinn Parker$20.00$0.00$20.00
James Skankun$20.00$0.00$20.00
Doug Van Nostram$16.25$0.00$16.25
Tom Stiller$14.00$0.00$14.00
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