Twin Lakes Series Championship Details Announced

The Fairways at Twin Lakes Kent Ohio

Chris Plute
Chris Plute
In the beginning of March, Chris Plute announced that his 2-Man Scramble Series at The Fairways at Twin Lakes would offer a year-long bonus pool with points earned from each monthly event.

Today, the details of that bonus pool — called the Twin Lakes Series Championship — have been finalized.

There will be five prizes up for grabs at the end of the 2014 season. $5 per player per event will be set aside to fund the bonus pool — without any reduction in each event’s prize pot!

The Fairways at Twin Lakes, Kent Ohio Golf CourseThe first place winner is guaranteed at least $500 no matter how many teams enter events in 2014. If more than 200 players (100 teams) compete in 2014, that first place amount goes up to 50% of the total bonus pool pot collected, as such an amount will be greater than $500.

Last year, a bit fewer than 300 players competed in all of the monthly scramble events. If the 2014 entry numbers remain the same, that’s about $1,500 in the prize pool. If the entry numbers grow, the pool grows too.

After the first place bonus amount is determined, places 2 – 5 will split the remaining total pool collected at 50%, 25%, 15% and 10%.

The Fairways at Twin Lakes Kent OhioSo as an example, if 350 players compete during the 2014 season the bonus pool will total $1,750. Half goes to the winner, $875. Then 2nd place gets $437.50, 3rd earns $218.75, 4th takes $131.25 and 5th wins $87.50.

But there is one other payout rule, as there is a great chance the first and second place finishers may be teammates who play together all season long. If that is the case, those teammates will split evenly the total of the combined first and second place bonus amounts (as will all other ties). So in the example above, both teammates would earn a matching $656.25 for finishing as co-champions.

Points will be awarded to individual players on each team from each month’s event based on the team’s finish position, with tied teams earning the same number of points. (That allows players to change partners throughout the year if needed.) Every team that plays earns at least 1 point. Updated points totals will be posted to Northeast Ohio Golf each month a few days after the finish of each event.

The first Fairways at Twin Lakes 2-M Scramble event is coming up this Saturday, April 19th. The weather forecast is pretty good (60 and sunny!) and a big field is expected. Since the golf course has only 9 holes, a maximum of 60 teams can play. That means you need to get your entry in today…

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