2014 PREVIEW: Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Manakiki Golf Course

John Fiander
John Fiander
2014 brings a number of exciting changes and additions to the Cleveland Metroparks Golf tournament schedule.

World Amateur Golf RankingFirst, we are proud to announce that the Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship will be a World Golf Amateur Ranking Event! This will certainly increase the prestige of the event and our goal is to attract more college and elite amateur players from the region. The format of the event is unchanged with 36-holes qualifying course championships at Sleepy Hollow, Manakiki, Big Met and Shawnee Hills. All players who make it to the finals at Manakiki on August 8, 9, 10 will earned World Golf Amateur Ranking points and the champion will become an officially world ranked player, if not already.

The Cleveland Metroparks Player of the Year Tournament Series has been expanded and the point system updated. Two 18-hole individual stroke play events at Seneca and Shawnee Hills have been added. That will make 14 events players can compete in to earn Player of the Year points and be a part of a bonus pool payout that goes to the top-ten finishers. With the expanded series the course championships and GCAC will become “weighted” events. The top ten and ties in those events will earned more points than in the stroke play events or the Senior Cleveland Am.

Cleveland Metroparks GolfWe recognized that we have a lot of very competitive senior golfers in the Greater Cleveland area, so we made some additions and changes to our events for players 50 years of age and older. The Senior Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship in the past has had multiple age divisions all competing at Big Met on the same days. Virtually every year we’ve had more entries submitted than spots available. To increase the number of entries we can accept, we have created a separate Senior Masters Greater Cleveland Amateur with two age divisions for players 60 and over and another for players 70 and over all competing from the middle tees. This event which will also be at Big Met in July will be followed a week later by The Senior Cleveland Am, which will have only one age division for players 50 and over competing from the back tees.

In addition, Sleepy Hollow will be hosting the Senior Scramble Classic in June. This event will feature two-player senior teams competing from the middle tees.

Finally, we have reduced the Bill Barbour Cup at Sleepy Hollow to an 18-hole event from it’s previous 27. The format will stay the same with players every 6 holes going from a scramble, to a better-ball and then to a modified alternate shot. With days getting shorter that time of year, plus the weather not always being the best we hope this format will increase the number of players in the field.

Below is the complete Cleveland Metroparks Golf 2014 Tournament Schedule. We look forward to seeing you compete at our events!

Four Player Scramble – May 3 – Sleepy Hollow*
Two Player Scramble – May 10 – Manakiki*
Two Player Scramble/Better Ball – May 17 – Big Met*
Stroke Play – June 7 – Seneca*
Senior Scramble Classic – June 14 – Sleepy Hollow
Brother’s Championship – June 21 – Shawnee Hills
Senior Masters GCAC – July 9, 10 – Big Met
Father/Son (Adult) – July 13 – Sleepy Hollow
Senior GCAC – July 16, 17 – Big Met*
Course Championships – July 19, 20 – Manakiki*, Big Met*
Course Championships – July 26, 27 – Sleepy Hollow*, Shawnee Hills*
Women’s GCAC – August 2, 3 – Shawnee Hills
Greater Cleveland Amateur – August 8, 9, 10 – Manakiki*
Stroke Play – September 20 – Shawnee Hills*
Two Player Scramble – September 27 – Big Met*
Bill Barbour Cup – October 4 – Sleepy Hollow*
Cleveland Metroparks Tour Championship – October 11 – Manakiki*

* Cleveland Metroparks Player of the Year Series

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